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About these monthly lists

Each month the library receives and catalogs a number of new titles, including books, periodicals, films, scores and musical recordings. Some of these titles come to the library as gifts, although the majority are purchased by the library with University funds.  Most of these new titles are initially displayed behind the library main floor central stairs, some of them on new front-out shelving so as to be more visible. (Exceptions are Reference books, films, scores and musical recordings, all of which are shelved directly in their respective stacks.) All are in the online catalog and most may be borrowed.

In addition to the physical display, each month the library staff compiles a list of titles catalogued in the previous month. Since June, 2001, these lists are posted on the Staley Library Web site in order to keep the entire campus community informed of how, and with what, the library's traditional resources keep growing. The lists are sorted and accessible by academic discipline. They usually appear online for the previous month in the second week of the new month. One year's worth of lists is kept on the website at a time.

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL