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Critical Writing, Reading, and Researching 
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Millikin has a strong commitment to a comprehensive first-year learning experience for all students, requiring of them two semesters of intensive critical writing, reading and research instruction.  CWRR I & II are interdepartmental courses, and are part of the sequential elements in the University Program of Student Learning.

English Department faculty teach traditional, Honors, Enhanced and PACE students.  Our faculty not only have an initial, but a fundamental encounter with first-year students; this encounter is essential in ensuring student success at Millikin University.  In accordance with the university's inititative to promote faculty and student involvement in the acquisition, discovery, and application of knowledge, our faculty who teach the two-semester sequence are always looking for creative, innovative and effective pedagogies and learning environments to guarantee that students become better critical writers, readers, researchers and thinkers. 

Our courses are taught in a variety of learning facilities, including electronic and otherwise technologically equipped classrooms.  We pride ourselves in offering small class sizes to promote intensive, high-quality learning engagments between faculty and students.   To enhance students' educational experiences, we also coordinate instruction and resources with a variety of other programs and departments, including the Staley Library, the University Seminar and the Writing Center.

One of the hallmarks of the CWRR Program is its committment to engaging students and faculty in reflection. Reflection can be an elemental tool in learning and teaching processes. It plays an indispensible role not only in shaping students' critical writing, reading and thinking skills, but also in developing teachers' pedagogies and the program's assessment processes.  When students successfully complete the CWRR requirement they will have acquired the means to reflect on the uses of reading and writing in their public and personal lives to better understand themselves, their communities and the world.

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL