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The library faculty (the librarians) and the academic departments collaborate closely in the ongoing development and maintenance of the most appropriate collection of library resources, in electronic as well as traditional formats such as print, to serve the educational needs of the Millikin University students as well as the Millikin curriculum.

The library's Collection Development policy is available on the library's web site. This policy guides what the library buys, leases and maintains for its collection of materials in all formats, including monographs, periodicals, videos/DVDs, sound recordings, and electronic resources.

Intro. | Information Sources for New Titles | Recommending a Title | New Faculty Fund

Information Sources about New Titles

Each month, we distribute review cards from Choice to department chairs, for re-distribution to individual faculty. In addition, the library subscribes to a number of review sources, including the weekly New York Times Book Review, Library Journal, and Booklist. The latter two review all forms of materials, including electronic, in all subject areas. Obviously, each discipline also has publications which contain reviews, and the library subscribes to many of these titles as well.

Basic bibliographic "finding tools" such publishers' catalogs are available for your use in the library's Technical Services department. OCLC Worldcat (an online, worldwide catalog), and Amazon and similar sites can also be used for verification of exact author, title, and other publication information.

Purchase recommendation forms are available from the library, as well as through your department chairs. They are also available on the library's web site.

Intro. | Information Sources for New Titles | Recommending a Title | New Faculty Fund

Recommending a New Title

To expedite any purchase, please provide as much bibliographic information as possible for any title you recommend. This would include any advertisements, catalogs, announcements, or printouts from other library catalogs or from the Internet.

Also, please indicate the course, major, or other academic program that will be served by the purchase your are recommending. Materials which are intended to directly serve the curriculum will receive first consideration.

Please see whom to contact with questions and requests (subject liaisons) for new titles. Orders will show up in the online catalog.

For required materials such as readings for a course, please recognize that it takes an average of four weeks for a request to be purchased, received, and processed for use. In urgent circumstances, the library will attempt, but cannot guarantee, a more immediate turn-around time.

Newly received books will be placed on the library's New Books shelves, and the requesting faculty member will be notified of the book's availability. Monthly lists of new book titles are posted on the library's web site.

Intro. | Information Sources for New Titles | Recommending a Title | New Faculty Fund

New Faculty Fund

We allocate each new full-time faculty member $100 for purchase of one-time library materials to support their teaching. This is in recognition of the fact that new faculty members will likely have academic specialties that they wish to incorporate in their teaching but which have not previously been strengths of the library. Such requests should come to the library directly from the faculty member.

Together we will make a difference in meeting our students' library and research needs!

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Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL