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Organizational Leadership Alumni Stories 
 Meet Organizational Leadership Alumni and read what they have to say about their OL experience:
Matt Cardinal

Matt Cardinal is the Radiography Program Director at Richland Community College.  He is up for tenure and promotion in Spring 2014, something that would not have been possible without completing his undergraduate degree in OL at Millikin.  Matt is also midway through a Master's Program at the University of Illinois in eLearning.  He says his OL degree has helped him handle his role as faculty coordinator and student advisor more effectively.  The Organizational Leadership courses made the collaborative and team initiatives required in his work easier.  Even budgeting and self-direction skills learned at Millikin are proving essential, as he is preparing the package for an upcoming accreditation visit. 

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Randy Ellis

Sometimes having the experience in a job is not enough to propel yourself to the next level. Randy Ellis of Dalton City has years of sales and management experience in the building supply field but has decided to return to Millikin to earn a degree he started after high school.

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Travis Jones

When the PACE Director visited his job site and talked about the PACE program, Travis Jones of Decatur started researching to see if the program would be right for him. Following high school, Travis had studied for a year at MacMurray College, then transferred to a community college in Michigan, and later back to Richland Community College before taking a long hiatus from his education. For the past ten years, Travis has worked for the State of Illinois where he spent six years as a Correctional Counselor for the Department of Corrections.  Nearing the completion of his Organizational Leadership degree, with budget cuts impacting the State, Travis' pending diploma allowed him to move into the position of Human Resource Representative where he now supports 4-5 agencies. 

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Shuana Mays

Shauna Mays might have had a slow start on her college education, but she’s moving along quickly now. After high school, Shauna went to work at a bank and enjoyed the freedom that a job can bring. Two children followed and it wasn’t until 2007 that she began working on an associate’s degree through an accelerated program at Springfield College (Benedictine). She completed her degree in December 2010 and moved into the PACE program in July 2010.

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Sam Risby

Sam Risby strongly believes that you should learn from every environment and he’s currently doing a lot of his learning in PACE’s Organizational Leadership program.

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Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL