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History Major 
The Department of History seeks to provide students of all majors at Millikin with a sense of the past — with an understanding and appreciation of the political, economic, and social/cultural development of the modern world. It provides its majors with a broad knowledge of world, European, East Asian and United States history and offers them a variety of specialized courses in each. The department seeks to develop reasoning, writing, and speaking skills that prepare students for public school teaching, graduate school and college teaching, historical research and writing, government and social service, law school and the law, and careers in business. The historian is a person who endeavors to understand the complexity of the human experience, to learn from it, and to explain and interpret it. The department emphasizes the primacy of critical thought in the practice of the craft of history.

Honors in History
A student will be eligible for honors in history at graduation if he or she maintains a GPA of 3.75 or higher in the major and submits a senior honors thesis that receives a grade of “A”. A recommendation for honors will be based upon history faculty evaluation of the thesis and an oral examination on it by a committee selected by the history faculty, which may include members of other departments.

Major in History
The major in history consists of 33 to 36 credits and leads to the B.A. degree. A major must meet the following requirements:
  1. Either History 201 and 202 (Rise of Modern Europe, to and since 1700) or History 203 and 204 (American History, to and since the Civil War) (6 credits total)
  2. Six elective courses, four of which must be at the 300 level or above (18 credits)
  3. One 400-level content seminar (3 credits)
  4. History 480, Historiography and Research (3 credits)

History majors must take at least one course in each of the following three areas: U.S., European, Non-Western or Global.

Major in Social Science, Secondary Teaching
The current program requires social science majors to complete a liberal arts history major of at least 33 credits. Nine of these 33 history credits are in world history, nine are in American history, three credits are in a history seminar (400-level), three credits are in historiography (480), and at least twelve credits are upper division (300+) history electives. Social science majors are advised by the history department faculty. The following twenty-four credits are required for all students pursuing the secondary education certificate:

HI 100 Introduction to the Modern World
HI 201 Rise of Modern Europe to 1715
HI 203 U.S. History to 1865
HI 204 U.S. History since 1865
HI 400 Seminar in History
HI 425 Methods in Teaching History
HI 310 Topics in U.S. History
HI 480 Historiography

The remaining nine credits are electives:

Three 300 level courses (one of which must be European, global or non-western, HI 320, 360 or 340)

In addition to these history courses, the social science major also requires the following courses (24 credits):

SO 100 Introduction to Sociology
PO 100 American Political System
EC 100 Macroeconomics
EC 110 Microeconomics
SO 120 Introduction to Anthropology
PS 130 Introduction to Psychology
PO 240 Local and State Politics
SO 230 Cultural Geography

Upon completion of this program, teachers will be certified (endorsed) to teach these subjects in Illinois:

American History
World History
Political Science, Economics, Sociology or Psychology
Social Science

Students completing a major in another teaching field may add a second teaching field in social sciences by completing at least 24 credits in social science courses. Interested students should contact the education department for state required courses and Millikin suggested courses.

Minor in History
The minor in history requires the completion of 21 credits:

  •  At least six credits at the 300 level or above
  • At least three credits at the 400 seminar level

History Courses (HI) (Credits)

100. Introduction to the Modern World (3)
A survey of economic, intellectual, political and social developments in Europe since 1700 as well as patterns of influence and reaction in America, Latin America and Asia. Topics include capitalism as a revolutionary system, Marxism, imperialism, fascism, socialism, national revolutions, and the dynamics of an evolving third world. Appropriate to fulfill historical studies requirement.

105, 205, 305 Introductory Topics in History (3)
A variety of courses in different fields at the introductory level are offered. All are appropriate to fulfill the historical studies requirement.

201. Rise of Modern Europe, Medieval Period to 1700 (3)
The history of Europe tracing developments of political, economic, social, religious, and cultural institutions and customs from the middle ages through 1700. Emphasis on developments that have shaped the modern world.

202. Rise of Modern Europe, 1700-present (3)
The enlightenment and democratic revolutions of the European world, the industrial revolution, the rise of nationalism within the context of the domestic, political, and economic history of the European states in the 19th century. Study of the main currents in 20th century European history with emphasis on political, economic, social and intellectual factors.

203. U.S. History to 1865 (3)
American history beginning with the early voyages of discovery and colonization, with emphasis on the Revolution and early national period, the Age of Jackson, westward expansion and the events leading to the crisis of the Civil War.

204. U.S. History since 1865 (3)
The reconstruction era, frontier west, industrialization and the populist movement, America’s rise to world power, the progressive and New Deal periods, the world wars and post WWII American political, economic, social and cultural developments.

210, 310. Topics in United States History (3)
Example offerings in U.S. history have included the following courses: The American Civil War, Abraham Lincoln, Civil War Soldiers and Battles, The Age of Jackson 1815-1850, The American Frontier, The Gilded Age 1865-1900, TR to FDR 1900-1945, U.S. History since 1945, U.S. Foreign Relations 1775-1914, U.S. Foreign Relations 1914-present, World Religions in America.

320. Topics in European History (3)
Example offerings in European history have included the following courses: Hitler and the Third Reich, The Holocaust, Europe and the Nineteenth Century World.

340. Topics in Non-Western History (3)
Example offerings in non-western history have included the following courses: India Under British Rule (1730-1947), Modern Japan since 1600, Modern China since 1850, Introduction to Modern East Asia, Introduction to Modern Africa.

360. Topics in Global History (3)
Example offerings in global history have included the following courses: The Vietnam War in Film and History, Comparative Religions, Global Christianity, The Developing World.

390. Independent Study (1-4) per semester
An independent study arrangement, designed primarily for students with a background in history. The course of study will be arranged on a tutorial basis with weekly meetings between the instructor and student. The course subject matter will vary according to individual interest. Pre-requisite: consent of Department Chair.

400. Seminar in History (3)
Seminars in the history department are rigorous exercises is critical reading, with a substantial research and writing component. Recent seminars have dealt with the following topics: The American Civil War, The Holocaust, WWII.

425. Methods in Teaching History (3)
This course is designed for the secondary education major and introduces students to the history of Social Studies education and various teaching techniques for the high school classroom.

450. Senior Honors Thesis (3)
In the senior honors thesis the student is expected to produce a substantial original piece of research or analysis. The student will defend the written work orally before a committee from inside or outside of the department. Open only to qualified seniors approved by the Department Chair.

480. Historiography and Research (3)
This capstone experience is an advanced course in the art and craft of history, designed for the history major and minor. In conjunction with readings on the theoretical and methodological bases of historical inquiry, the student engages in significant exercises in historical research and writing. Pre-requisite: junior standing or consent of Department Chair.


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