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Department Goals 

Upon the completion of a physics major at Millikin University, a student should be able to:

  • Solve complex problems that require integrating knowledge from a variety of subfields, including classical mechanics, classical electrodynamics, thermodynamics, atomic and nuclear physics, and quantum mechanics, as well as incorporating sophisticated mathematical techniques such as partial differential equations, tensor mathematics, calculus of vector fields, and linear algebra.

  • Follow the scientific method to design and carry out informative and professionally interesting experiments, utilizing laboratory techniques sufficiently advanced as to allow an easy transition to graduate school or industry.

  • Effectively communicate scientific knowledge to general audiences as well as colleagues in the field via oral presentations, formal journal articles, and writing for the layperson.

A student who is able to reach these goals successfully will also be satisfying the core goals expressed in the mission statement for Millikin University. All of the departmental goals will help a student achieve professional success, as they are fundamental to the success of any physicist. Meeting all three goals will also contribute to a Millikin graduate being able to be a citizen in a global environment. Dealing with problems in a global society requires integration of knowledge and strong problem solving skills. Performing informative and interesting experiments is one way a physicist connects with the world, advancing the basic principles of both pure and applied science. Finally, a good physicist must communicate not only what they have done, but why it is important, and communicate these things not just to their colleagues, but to the world at large. A successful Millikin graduate in Physics will also be prepared for a personal life of meaning and value. This goal is primarily fulfilled by the first and third departmental goal, although depending on the individual, all three goals pertain to it. Being able to solve problems in one’s personal life, whether at work or at home or in the community is a necessary skill to be able to grow and move past challenges. Also, being able to effectively communicate what they know and why it’s important to them will help students reach personal goals throughout their lives.
Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL