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Vocal Festival 

The 20th Annual Millikin Vocal Festival will be held Sunday and Monday, September 22-23, 2013. Vocal Fest offers outstanding opportunities for both students and teachers through interaction with Millikin vocal staff and choral colleagues from throughout the region. Select high school students and their directors gather for a unique two-day vocal event combining concerts, workshops, voice lessons, and a festival choir experience. The nomination process ensures an equally balanced choir of similar ability making the festival the best possible experience for all.

Festival Choir - Comprised of outstanding choristers from regional high schools. Nominations allow us to more effectively balance the choir and help insure that students are on the same level. The 2012 repertoire will include one of the Illinois All-State selections.

Opening Concert - Featuring some of Millikin University's outstanding choral ensembles.

Vocal Coaching Sessions - 10 minute sessions with a member of Millikin's exceptional voice faculty. A few outstanding soloists will compete for the opportunity to perform on Monday evening's Grand Finale Concert. Finalists receive a cash prize. For more information, please see the FAQ page.

Director's Choir - It's why we got into this profession. Let's regain the joy of singing together! The choir is a favorite with directors.

Attend Director's Workshop and Reading Sessions, or you may observe the festival choir rehearsals.

Grand Finale Concert - Festival Choir, Student Solo Competition Winners, Director's Choir, and the Millikin University Choir all combine into a wonderful 75-minute concert. Participants are headed for home by 6:00pm.

Fees - Due after students are accepted into the festival.
- Registration - $40 per student (includes t-shirt, performance CD, all music)
- Vocal Coaching - $5 (optional)

Registration/Nomination Instructions

 Follow these steps to begin the nomination process:

1. Print out Nomination Form – duplicate one for each nominee.

2. Determine nominees and have them fill out the student’s portion of the nomination form. You may nominate a maximum of ten students. Check accuracy of the student’s form. Have students indicate their desire for a vocal coaching session. There is an additional $5 fee for these coaching sessions. 

3. Collect Nomination Forms from Students.

4. Rank all nominees in order of overall ability. All nominated students may not be selected to participate, so rank students carefully. Help us balance the choir by nominating a maximum of 3 sopranos. You may nominate only two more women than men. Carefully consider character and citizenship. Nominate only upperclassmen – no freshmen please!

5. Fill out the forms and return to:

Millikin University Vocal Festival

1184 West Main Street

Decatur, IL 62522


Send no fees now! All fees are due after students are selected for the festival.

· Registration - $40 (includes t-shirt, performance CD, and all music)
· Vocal Coaching Session - $5 (optional) 

In September, you will receive by email:

· A list of those students accepted into the festival
· Hotel information

Deadline for Nominations is September 3, 2013

Click HERE for the answers to some frequently asked questions about Vocal Fest.

Other Questions? Call 217.424.6342 or Fax 217.420.6652 

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL