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Henry VIII's Predicament 

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Teacher Candidate: Lizzy Kelly       Grade Level: 10th


Content Area: World History           Topic: Henry VIII


Title of Web Quest: Henry VIII’s Predicament


Description of Web Quest: In this Web Quest students will be researching each of Henry’s wives and how they affected his reign and history. They will be presenting a persuasive speech on which wife is the best and most beneficial to Henry’s reign and England’s history. They will also have the chance to debate with other groups on which wife is better based on each wife’s impact on history.


State Goal 4:  Listen and speak effectively in a variety of situations.

Illinois Teaching Standard, 4.A.4a  Apply listening skills as individuals and members of a group in a variety of settings (e.g., lectures, discussions, conversa­tions, team projects, presentations, interviews).

Illinois Teaching Standard, 4.B.4a  Deliver planned informative and persuasive oral presentations using visual aids and contemporary technology as individuals and members of a group; demonstrate organi­zation, clarity, vocabulary, credible and accurate supporting evidence


State Goal 5:  Use the language arts to acquire, assess and communicate information.

Illinois Teaching Standard, 5.C.4a  Plan, compose, edit and revise information (e.g., brochures, formal reports, proposals, research summaries, analysis, editorials, articles, overheads, multimedia displays) for presentation to an audience.

Illinois Teaching Standard, 5.C.4c  Prepare for and participate in formal debates.


State Goal 16:  Understand events, trends, individuals and movements shaping the history of Illinois, the United States and other nations.

Illinois Teaching Standard, 16.A.4a  Analyze and report historical events to determine cause-and-effect relationships.

Illinois Teaching Standard, 16.A.2b  Compare different stories about a historical figure or event and analyze differences in the portrayals and perspectives they present.

Illinois Teaching Standard, 16.D.3 Identify the origins and analyze consequences of events that have shaped world social history including famines, migrations, plagues, slave trading




Nets 3, Research and Information Fluency, b, c, d,

3b- Locate, organize, analyze, evaluate, synthesize, and ethically use information from a variety of sources and


3c- Evaluate and select information sources and digital tools based on the appropriateness to specific tasks.

3d- Process data and report results.


Nets 4, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making, a, c, d

4a- Identify and define authentic problems and significant questions for investigation.

4c- Collect and analyze data to identify solutions and/or make informed decisions.

4d-Use multiple processes and diverse perspectives to explore alternative solutions.




    Henry’s VIII trusty advisor saw Henry’s full life and reign of England in a vision that came to him one night in 1505. This came before Henry was crowned and married. The advisor told Henry that he will have six wives and gave the names to him, but decided not to tell him anything else. Weary about the amount of wives he is predicted to have, Henry wants to choose one out of the six women to spend his entire life with. The advisor wants the future king to make his own decision after meeting all of the women and calls for a meeting with all of the foreseen wives. Each wife is invited and will have a chance to fight for her future position as Queen of England.



    Henry’s advisor is allowing each wife to see his visions of the future of each wife. Each wife is unaware of any unfortunate outcomes that would happen if she were to marry Henry VIII and wants to persuade Henry to pick her. Each group will choose a wife, act as her trusty advisors in a dramatic skit, and persuade Henry VIII (the teacher and classmates) why this woman should be the lone wife of Henry VIII. After each group completes their skit and persuading Henry VIII, the other groups will have a chance to bring up the flaws with that woman and why they should not be chosen. 




Positive Researcher- This person will research and gather information on the positive influences of their respective wife and how they benefited Henry’s personal and political reign. 

Step 1: Research chosen wife with the resources provided below

Step 2: Explain information found to group 
Step 3: Help and lead the creation of the persuasive part of dramatic skit with other members of the group
Step 4: Talk during the persuasive portion of the dramatic skit





Negative Researcher- This person has to research what flaws the chosen wife had as the Queen of England. This will include the reasons why Henry did not stay with this certain woman. Make sure to add historical importance as well as personal influences on Henry.

Step 1: Research the negative aspects of your groups chosen wife with the resources given
Step 2: Inform the group of the negative aspects you found
Step 3: Help the defense advisor prepare for the argument
Step 4: Talk during persuasive and arguments portion of dramatic skits






Defense Advisor- This person will prepare for the arguments against the groups chosen wife. Using the research done by the negative researcher, they will come up with a way to spin around the flaws and concentrate on the benefits of the wife.

Step 1: Help research negative aspects of chosen wife
Step 2: Listen to information found by negative researcher
Step 3: Create a way to spin and rebut opposing groups statements with help of negative researcher
Step 4: Lead arguments portion of dramatic skit and talk during persuasive portion

Investigator- This person will research the flaws of the other wives of Henry VIII. From this research they can create a rebuttal to bring up after the other groups present on their respective wife.

Step 1: Research the flaws of the six wives with the given resources
Step 2: Share information with group
Step 3: Create a rebuttal with the help of other group members to throw off other groups
Step 4: Lead rebuttals and talk during persuasive part of the dramatic skit.






- All roles must contribute during the dramatic speech. The defense advisor will mostly debate on the issues brought on by the other groups towards the end of the skit. The other roles must each help to persuade Henry and the class.


Hints/Suggestions- Each role can use the resources provided for the other roles for more information on what you are looking for. The more the group works together, the easier it will be to persuade and rebut during your dramatic skit equally as a group. There are a lot of good videos on youtube for additional information, one link is provided below. 











Not all members contribute during the dramatic skit. The group has an obvious lack of understanding of the respective wife and her influences on history.

Each member somewhat contributes to the dramatic skit. The group shows a basic understanding of the respective wife and her influences on history and Henry VIII.

Each member contributes fairly equally during the dramatic skit. Group shows an adequate understanding of the respective wife and her influences on history and Henry VIII.

Each group member equally contributes during dramatic skit. Shows a complete understanding of the respective wife and her influences on history and Henry VIII. 


Persuasive portion could use a lot of work and group uses mostly weak arguments. Fails to persuade the audience.

Uses mostly strong arguments, but has a few weak. Argument persuades some of the audience.

The group mostly focuses on positive influences of the wife and persuades most of the audience.

The group is successful in focusing on positive influences of the wife and successfully persuades the audience.


Group members fail to form a rebuttal against points brought up by other groups.

Group members attempt to turn around arguments made against them, but are unable to turn sides back in their favor.

Group members are mostly successful at turning around arguments made against them. Maintain control over debate for most of the time.

Group is successful at answering back to points made against their case. Take charge of debate and have an obvious control over issues. 


Obvious lack of preparation of skit. Constant reliance on notes or frequent pauses in skit.

Skit could use more preparation. Frequent usage of notes

Skit seems to be well prepared, but is not completely natural and taken seriously. A moderate amount of reliance on notes.

Skit roles are well prepared, taken seriously, and seem very natural.  Little to no reliance on notes.

Role Completion/ Group compliance

Member of group did not complete the duties of their roles and was hard to work with.

Group member did not fully complete the duties of their role and had to be helped by group members. Other group members had difficulties with working with group member.

Group member mostly completed the duties of their role. Minor difficulties in working with a group.

Group member successfully completed duties of their role and worked well with other group members.




~ Each group member must fill out a group member evaluation form, see attached document, and turn it in on presentation day. Please fill out truthfully based on each group members effort on the project.



    Good work on your speeches and rebuttals, King Henry will now be able to make the right decision for himself and England! You now have a good understanding of Henry VIII and have learned about the positive and negative influences of each wife on his political and personal life! As you know, Henry VIII did in fact marry six women and no trusty advisor can see the future advise Henry to change his life course, but now you can think of how history would have been different if this would have happened. If interested in this topic you can continue researching the tudor family and other rulers of England like Elizabeth I. Through this dramatic skit you have had the opportunity to present to the class, work as a group, and be involved in a debate.

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