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Shared Learning Threads 

The sequential course requirements provide an interdisciplinary series of connected learning experiences for all Millikin students. Sequential course requirements include IN140, IN150, IN151, IN250, IN251, and IN350. The sequential courses share and build across the curriculum the following learning threads for ongoing student engagement and learning: (1) Reflection—all sequential elements engage our students in reflection. (2) Ethical Reasoning—all sequential elements except IN150/151 engage our students in ethical reasoning. (3) Writing Intensive—all sequential elements in the University Studies program except IN140 are writing intensive.

Reflection: At Millikin, student reflection is one of the distinguishing features of our teaching mission; evidence of effective use of student reflection in teaching is recognized by the conferral of the Teaching Excellence award on faculty at the annual Honors Convocation. Because student reflection is a Millikin teaching and learning distinctive, it should be one of the main goals that runs vertically through the University Studies program. Reflection is integrated into IN140 through a service learning project. Reflection is one of the four learning goals being delivered and assessed in IN150/IN151. Reflection is one of the goals for IN250, IN251 and IN350.
Ethical Reasoning: All sequential elements except IN150/151 deliberately engage our students in ethical reasoning. Students will use ethical reasoning to analyze issues that impact their personal lives as well as their local, national, and global communities.
Writing Intensive: All sequential elements in the University Studies program except IN140 are writing intensive. Writing intensive courses include elements of instruction such as (1) Integrated writing and critical thinking activities to promote learning; (2) Instruction and coaching as students write; (3) Guided revision for at least one formal writing assignment;(4) Assessment of the quality of the writing by the characteristics of effective prose, including grammar, organization, and support; (5) Written work which represents a substantial portion of the grade; and(6) Referrals to the Writing Center and support for students needing help with grammar and other elements of composition.

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL