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For those of us in PACE, we said good-bye to summer weeks ago.  We were tan, having enjoyed 6 weeks of spirited outdoor summer activities.  The fourth of July had come and gone but we were still riding high on the hope of continuing our summer of fun.  Sadly, our jubilation was snuffed out by the mountain of homework doled out in our first class.  Many of us fought a good fight but schoolwork emerged the victor.  Now, as we conclude, for some of us, our third course this semester, the pasty pallor of indoor activities has replaced our golden sun kissed glow.  Gone are the tan lines and flip-flops.  Not all is lost.  Seeds of wisdom have been planted and if carefully cultivated there will be staggeringly smart people walking around campus.  Watch out, you will recognize us.  We are the ones who wander the halls at night, who show up out of the blue and take the good parking places.  We may be pasty but we are PACE students.

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Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL