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*The following has nothing to do with my life in the PACE program.  In fact, this disclaimer was added as an afterthought when I noticed that it seemed to be a shameless plug for BlackBerry.  That was unintentional, however, if you are someone from BlackBerry, please contact me regarding a chance to shamelessly plug your item for money.  Just kidding, besides, I made a plea for someone from Disney to contact me about yelling "I'm Going To DisneyWorld" when I graduate and I have yet to be contacted about that.  It is all in good fun, which I believe you have to have in order to get by sometimes.  So hence the title...this post is a pace away from the PACE program.  Enjoy!  -Scott

Once again I am behind on my duties as a blogger for Millikin’s PACE program.  I was reminded of that tonight.  To that person: I thank you.  Reminders in life are nice.  Which is why I got a BlackBerry.  Not really, it was buy one get one free, so the England family is now unlimitedly accessing data at their own free will!  What does that have to do with reminders?  Nothing really, except that I found a cool feature (called a calendar…) that offers its services to me in the form of instant reminders whenever I want/need them!  Are you kidding me?  Oh how I love technology.  I take back my National Shut It Down idea plan (never would have worked anyways) and I am starting the National Something To Do With “I Love Technology” campaign!

I thought my iPod Touch was miraculous when it came to keeping me connect.  Then I took the 3G or something plunge and haven’t looked back since.  I keep track of football scores, two email accounts, the weather, Facebook and stocks with my phone.  (Okay, not stocks, but I had already typed ‘and’ so I needed something.) 

So now that I have blogged about nothing to do with my education or the PACE program, I am going to go to bed.  But I will rest easy, and so should you, that I have the capability to set a reminder on my phone of when I am becoming ‘that guy’ in the blogging department.  I don’t want to have my blogging rights revoked, so next time I will post something profound that will make people say, “Man, does he have a SmartPhone?”  Or something cool like that.

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Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL