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So, I have waited the obligatory time for sponsors to contact me about shamelessly plugging their products and have received absolutely zero.  Luckily, Millikin is still allowing me to blog on behalf of the PACE program (I know, I’m shocked too).  What a crazy time I have been having.  I am thoroughly educated in classroom management and discipline…now bring on that class about early adolescents. 

Really though, if I may take a moment to reflect (highly encouraged), I am loving every minute I am in class.  I am learning a lot, but it is more than just learning from lectures or textbooks; it is real-life experiences from the professors.  The stories they have shared about their past experiences of what works and what doesn’t it truly amazing.  In fact, I had a professor tell a story about what they did one time when they were teaching.  I thought that sounded like a good idea, so I mentioned it to the teacher I am an aide to at the school I work for.  He loved the idea so we gave it a shot.  It worked tremendously.  At the end of the week the student recognized his/her accomplishment and was equally excited. 

I shared the story with the professor who in return shared in my excitement.  The students at Millikin mean something to the professors.  I feel something I have never felt before in my previous college experiences.  They want me to succeed.  They want everyone to succeed.  When you come to Millikin, especially the PACE program, students feel that one-on-one connection.  You are going to work hard, not just in school, but with the juggling act you will have between work, family and school.  The professors understand this and it shows.  Each time I get another class down I feel a sense of pride, and I know my professors feel the same way. 

I have said all that I want to say for now.  I will inform you that I have started a membership with Netflix in order to watch movies and television shows via my Wii.  I just joined today so I don’t know what it is all about.  But I will warn you that if my experience is positive, I will be plugging both Netflix and Wii with hopes of a sponsorship deal…or until I am told to quit by the university.  I think I know what might come first.  Until next time!

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Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL