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Day 39 (Thursday, August 4th)


Today has been great! I woke up at 8am like usual to go to lab, but when I turned on my computer and got on Facebook, I had a message from Eva saying that I didn’t need to come in to the lab today at all! So I got to rest for the morning and watch some TV online. For lunch, Heather and I met Paris, Vivian, John, Ruby, Agnes and Cindy. We went to a neat little Greek-ish restaurant in Arch Street. Heather and I both had chicken pita wraps. Since the Chinese word for chicken is “jīròu” (gee row) we found it funny that we were eating jīròu gyros. We really had a great time at lunch talking with everybody, but then Agnes was like, “Uhhh, Kelsy, what is in your drink?” and to my utter horror, there were dead ants in my Pepsicola. I remained calm and I didn’t freak out I just asked for a new drink, and the restaurant owner got me a new drink and then gave Heather and I free refills (they do not believe in free refills on drinks usually in Taiwan). After lunch, Paris went back to lab, Jon and Agnes each left, and the rest of us got on the city bus to go downtown. Vivian ended up staying on the bus when we got off. She decided to go home, but Ruby, Cindy, Heather and I continued on to look for some souvenirs to take home. First, we went to what I would call a Taiwanese Hobby Lobby. After that, we went to a department store/mall kind of place where I bought a nice little surprise to take home to America with me! As we were leaving this store, there was a giant Kobe cutout by the exit. Cindy and Ruby asked if we liked Kobe. I said that he is no Michael Jordan, and they said that NO ONE would ever be as good as MJ, and they also said that Kobe is a Baptist. We later realized that they meant ‘rapist’, not ‘Baptist.’ This was probably one of my favorite parts of the afternoon. On the way home, we saw a car accident, and Cindy told us how much she misses Thirsty Thursdays at Millikin.


When we got back to the dorm, we took a brief rest before meeting Paris for dinner. We met his friend Robert in Donbie. We had been told by the girls that Robert was an American born Taiwanese man. They also said that he was old, but looked young. However, when we met Robert I was completely shocked. He didn’t look a day over 23 years old, when in reality he is 31! Paris had told us that Robert would be quite attractive, and Paris wasn’t lying. I officially have my first Taiwanese crush. Yes, he is just that beautiful. Robert took us to a fried rice restaurant, and then we went to another restaurant for drinks. This place has all kinds of board games and card games to play. We first played a card game that I think was called Super Circle, which was really fun. Next, Robert whips out Taboo from his bag! He said he knew that there probably wouldn’t be American word games, so he brought it from home! Robert and I played against Heather and Paris, and it wasn’t even a close game. Robert and I dominated the game. Next we played a game called Settlers of Catan, which was very strange game that was kind of like Risk and Age of Empires, only with trading and bartering instead of military and war. Robert won this game, but Paris and Heather were tied behind him, and I was in last place. But the game was really fun none the less. While we were sitting in the booth playing our games, someone suddenly ran up to our table. IT WAS LEAF!! We were soooo excited to see her! We had thought that we weren’t going to get to see her again, but she just happened to be at the gaming room too! She wanted pictures with us, so we of course took more pictures with her!

We stayed at the game place until 11 when it closed and then we walked to 7eleven so that I could get Eva a gift for my last day of lab tomorrow. When we walked home, we ended up talking with Robert outside of our dorm until almost 1am. I wish we would have met him before now because he said that he had many ideas for restaurants that we would have liked while we were here! I can’t believe that tomorrow is my last day in the lab! I will miss Eva so much! I hope she likes the Ferrero Rocher rose that I got her!

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL