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Ecological Journeys: South Florida 


Meets lab science requirement for non-majors 

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Travis E. Wilcoxen 

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College of Arts and Sciences 

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August 2-15, 2014 

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Monday; Tuesday; Wednesday; Thursday; Friday; Saturday; Sunday 

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Off Campus Travel 


The Lake Wales Ridge is a unique geographical feature of Florida, representing what were once the ‘beaches of Florida’ - an area was originally a chain of islands when most of the current peninsula was under the sea.  Remnant endemism is one of the key features of this area, as many species are only found on the ridge, and there are some substantial differences among points along the ridge that, too, were once separated by water, leaving great examples of island biogeography and ample evidence of evolution. This Ecological Journeys course, traveling to South Florida and Archbold Biological Station will allow students to learn about these fire-maintained ecosystems of the neotropical United States, including scrub, coastal scrub, pine flatwoods, and everglades habitats.

The class will meet at Millikin on Saturday, August 2 for an orientation and we will travel from Decatur to south Georgia on August 3, finally arriving at the field station on August 4.  We will be at the field station and throughout south Florida until August 14, when we will drive to Kentucky, finally returning to Millikin on August 15. 

Breakdown of fees:

Van Rental and Fuel: $250/student

Lodging at field station:  $330/student

Hotels to and from Florida: $60/student

Entrance fees, refuges and parks: $60/student

Food (for group meals at the station): $200/student

*Some meals during travel will not be covered by these fees.

Last Deadline for Registration and Deposit is March 30, 2014 and Last Deadline for full payment is May 1, 2014



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Summer 2014 



International Travel Course


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BI380 Ecological Journeys: South Florida 
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Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL