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Social Policy in Ireland 



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None, readings will be provided.

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Mary Garrison 

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College of Arts and Sciences 

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May 19-30, 2014 

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Monday; Tuesday; Wednesday; Thursday; Friday; Saturday; Sunday 

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8am - 5pm 

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These interdisciplinary courses will examine social policy in Ireland with a particular focus on social policy as it relates to mental health and health care systems.  There will be significant focus on the history of Ireland as well as Irish culture and political system as it relates to social policy.

Students will participate in group discussions at Millikin in preparation for the trip as well as while in Ireland to gain knowledge and understanding of the areas indicated above.  Visits to various cities including Shannon, Ennis, Galway, Dingle, and Dublin, Ireland will allow for comparisons as well as contrasts of social and health services offered in each city and the challenges and successes each community has related to meeting the needs of the Irish population they serve. Visits to museums, cultural events, as well as interactions with local persons and systems will allow students to gain an in depth appreciation for Irish culture.  Daily journal reflections will be required for each student allowing for open ended reflections as well as structured reflections as specific topics will be assigned for responses in each daily entry.   

Readings will be provided to students focusing on social policy and will be used throughout the course to gain an understanding of social policy in Ireland.  The course readings along with immersion course experiences and at least 2 other scholarly research references will be utilized in the writing of a research paper due one week after the end of the course. At the conclusion of this course, students will be expected to demonstrate knowledge, skills and learning related to the understanding of Irish history, culture and politics and an overall understanding of social and education policy in Ireland.

See attached itinerary, syllabus and budget.



Immersion Term

Summer 2014 



International Travel Course


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SO360/IN350 Social Policy in Ireland 
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Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL