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Galileo Galilei: Father of the Scientific Revolution, Classical Physics, & Modern Astronomy 


IN350, Science w/ Lab 

Number of Credits

3 (as IN350) or 4 (as Nat. Science w/ Lab) 

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Text Book(s) Required

Galileo’s Scientific Works (May use summary text(s) instead – see below):
The Starry Messenger ;  On the Two Chief World Systems (astronomy) The Two New Sciences (physics – specifically material science and fundamental laws of motion)

Summaries of Work/Biographies (TENTATIVE):
Drake's Galileo at Work (1978); Reston's Galileo: A Life (1994).

Instructor(s) Name

Casey Watson 

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College or School Name

College of Arts and Sciences 

Class Date(s)

May 24-June 22, 2014 

Meeting Days

Monday; Tuesday; Wednesday; Thursday 

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This course is part of the Summer Program: Urbania, Italy

We will study the life of Galileo Galilei in the locations of his most significant contributions – from his academic postsat Pisa and Padua to the demonstrations of his telescopes in Florence for the Medici and other nobility.  As the father of the modern scientific method, basic physics, and modern astronomy, the significance of his contributions cannot be overstated.

We will also discuss Galileo’s interactions with the catholic church and other politically powerful groups, including the Medici and the Jesuits.

The magnitude of Galileo’s achievements becomes even more impressive when we consider the circumstances under which he worked, spoke, and published.  Scientists were under considerable scrutiny from the catholic church, the threat of death was still imminent. Bruno, for instance, had recently been burned at the stake for postulating – correctly – that the Sun is just one of many stars.  The interplay between science, religion, and politics was fascinating in Galileo’s time, and it is no less impactful today.  Those taking the class as an IN350 will explore these timeless and globally important topics in especially great detail.  

For those taking the coursefor lab-science credit, we will meet in the evenings to learn how telescopes work and study the night sky.



Immersion Term

Summer 2014 



International Travel Course


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PY160/IN350 Galileo Galilei: Father of the Scientific Revolution, Classical Physics, & Modern Astronomy 
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Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL