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The Office of Student Success provides services for students with specific learning disabilities. Eligibility for services is determined on an individual basis. Students should meet with Carrie Pierson, Director of Disability Services / ADA Coordinator, to determine eligibility and accomodation options as soon as they have their semester schedule so that assistance may be arranged.  Ongoing contact with the Director of Disability Services is critical for students with learning disabilities.

Millikin University does not provide assessment services for students who may have a learning disability, nor does the University have structured programs available for students with disabilities.

Conduct rules and attendance policies apply to all students regardless of their disabilities. Although students with disabilities may be eligible for accommodations; they are still required to meet all of a program's technical standards. Applicants should be aware that certain programs and degrees require the ability to perform specific critical skills.

Questions about how the Office of Student Success can help provide support services to all students may be directed to Carrie Pierson, Director of Disability Services / ADA Coordinator, at 217-424-3999 or in person in Library 14E.
Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL