Don Luy
These new facilities will be important tools to help prepare our students for professional success and build upon the excellent reputation of Millikin alumni working in the exercise science and sport professions.
Robin Riley
Our program is top-notch. I know I will leave here well-prepared for my career. The only thing we lack is a facility that offers the space we need to learn. That will really help us step up to the next level, not only opening doors for current students, but helping to attract future students, too. The staff is great, very supportive, and just like the students, they deserve to work in an environment that will let them have better resources to share their knowledge and skills with the students.
Jeff Monken
My opportunity to enjoy a profession as a college football coach and my good fortune in sustaining longevity in a competitive profession like collegiate athletics is a result of the foundation that Millikin provided me. I chose Millikin because I knew that the coaches and professors, along with the administration, would support and challenge me in the classroom and on the field of play. For decades, Millikin has prepared its students to lead in athletics as coaches, trainers, and administrators. The time is long overdue to bring Millikin's facility, for the development of future generations of athletic leaders, up to the standards of its renowned academic programs.