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Staley Library Policies & Practices 
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Staley Library's policies are aimed at providing the most resources and services possible to the greatest portion of the Millikin community.

Collection development policy (what the library buys or subscribes to, and why).

"Staley Library must be understood in the light of Millikin University's dedication to education in both liberal arts and vocational/professional skills areas. The library's holdings and services exist primarily as a means to promote the University's broader educational objectives. The University has traditionally prided itself upon the excellence of its instruction and continues to emphasize teaching rather than research. The Staley Library collection reflects that emphasis. " The Staley Library collection is enriched by an extensive program of interlibrary loan services.

Circulation policy (borrowing from the library). The library is committed to protecting individual privacy to the greatest extent possible, and also encourages equitable sharing of available resources.

Computer and Internet use policy (to encourage repsonsibility)

Copyright policy (for academic writing and for Reserve, including the Fair Use doctrine)

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL