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PACE: Finding Resources 

Both the online catalog (Millinet) and the article databases are databases.
Click here to understand a little more about how they work.

There is no way that you can harm any of the library resource databases that you will be using for your research, so there's nothing to worry about, and absolutely no harm done by experimenting. You can't hurt the databases. All of the information (the records for the books and articles) is stored on computers far away and so even if your computer locks up, there's nothing to lose in the database except for the search you were working on. Feel free to experiment, trying as many different searches as you would like.

Before beginning your search for materials, it might help to take a look at one of the Topic Guides. These guides pull together books, database suggestions, websites, and research guides for broad subjects such as Education, Business, Nursing, Theatre, etc...

Now that you've decided which types of sources you would like to use, click the links below for hints and help:

If you have decided to use some books, you will want to use the Online Catalog, Millinet.

The link for the Online Catalog is to the left, at the top of the column.
-Using the Online Catalog to Locate Books: Catalog Tips

If you choose articles, you'll be searching in the article databases, not Millinet.

The link for the list of Article Databases is to the left, at the top of the column.
-Quick Overview of the Research Process using databases: Database Research Guide

When you search in the article databases from off campus, you will be required to log in. Since the library pays for the use of databases, it can only afford access for people who are affiliated with Millikin.

To log in from off campus:
  • Go to http://my.millikin.edu.
  • Click on "Staley Library Databases" link on the right sidebar menu.
  • Under "Databases by Subject" click on the subject you wish to search. 
  • Choose your database from the list of databases for that subject.

  • Internet Sources
    For internet sources, first check out the Evaulating Sites page.
    -Or check Quick Tips for internet evaluation.
    -Before you use a search engine, learn how to Use Search Engines Effectively

    Primary Sources

    Explanation of and help with using Primary Sources: Primary Source Guide

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    Millikin University - Decatur, IL
    Millikin University - Decatur, IL