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Sport/Exercise Science: Books 

When doing your research, sometimes books are exactly what you need.
  • Books provide you with comprehensive information about your topic, providing you with an overview, background, and major theories in depth.
  • Finding books by different authors will often allow you to have many different points of view about the same subject.

    Search for books here at Millikin's library in the online catalog.

    General books on Sport and Exercise Science:

    • Browse the following areas of the library's stacks (second floor) in the following call number ranges:
      GV 1 - 1860 (Recreation. Leisure.)
      GV 201 - 555 (Physical Education and Training)
      GV 346 - 351.5 (School and College Athletics. Intramural and Interscholastic Athletes)
      GV 401 - 433 (Physical Education Facilities. Sports Facilities. Gymnasiums, Athletic Fields, etc.)
      GV 460 - 555 (Gymnastics. Gymnastic Exercises.)
      GV 557 - 1198.995 (Sports)
      GV 711 (Coaching)
      GV 733 - 734.5 (Professionalism in Sports. Professional Sports.)
      GV 750 - 770.27 (Air Sports: Airplane Flying, Kiteflying, Bungee Jumping, etc.)
      GV 770.3 - 840(Water Sports: Canoeing, Sailing, Yachting, Scuba Diving, etc.)
      GV 840.7 - 857 (Winter Sports: Ice Hockey, Skiing, Bobsledding, Snowmobiling, etc.)
      GV 861 - 1017 (Ball Games: Baseball, Football, Golf, etc.)
      GV 1020 - 1034 (Automobile Racing)
      GV 1040 - 1060.4 (Cycling, Bicycling, Motocycling)
      GV 1060.5 - 1098 (Track and Field Athletics)
      GV 1100 - 1150.9 (Fighting Sports: Bullfighting, Boxing, Fencing, etc.)
      GV 1195 - 1198.995 (Wrestling)
      GV 1199 - 1570 (Games and Amusements)
      GV 1469.15 - 1469.62 (Computer Games. Video Games. Fantasy Games.)
      GV 1580 - 1799.4 (Dancing)
      GV 1800 - 1860 (Circuses, Rodeos, Amusement Parks, etc.Dancing)
      QP 301 - 345 (Musculoskeletal System. Movements, including Physiology of Exercise)
      RC 1200 - 1245 (Sports Medicine)

    Browse by subject in the online catalog:

    Sometimes one of the best ways to find books on your topic is to do some subject browsing in the Online catalog.

    There are two ways to do this easily:

    Number 1
  • Do a regular search (either Quick or Advanced) for your topic and find a book that is good for your research.
  • In the result list from the search, click on the title of the book so that you can the full record of information about it.
  • After the publication information, there is a section called "Topics".
  • This list of the topics describes the content of the book. If one of these subject headings looks useful for your topic, click on it.
  • That will bring you to a new list of books we own that are classified with that topic.

  • Number 2
  • In either the Advanced or Quick search, type in the term for your search.
  • Change the drop down menu next to the search box to Subject.
  • Click find to see if we own any books classified with that subject.

  • Possible Subject Headings to use as search terms:

    Burn Out (Psychology)
    Circuit Training
    College Sports
    Doping in Sports
    Endurance Sports
    Homophobia in Sports
    Individual Sports
    Masculinity in Sports
    Physical Education and Training
    Professional Sports
    Professionalism in Sports
    School Sports
    Sex Discrimination in Sports
    Sports Administration
    Sports and Tourism
    Sports for Children
    Sports for Women
    Sports-- History
    Sports in Literature
    Sports Injuries
    Sports-- Law and Legislation
    Sports Medicine
    Sports Officiating
    Sports Physical Therapy
    Sports Physiological Aspects
    Sports-- Psychological Aspects
    Sports-- Social Aspects
    Stress (Physiology)
    Millikin University - Decatur, IL
    Millikin University - Decatur, IL