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Leadership Qualities and Capabilities 
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From an educational perspective, the Vice President for Finance and Business Affairs will be an individual of intellectual stature and possess the academic credentials to engender the respect of, and credibility with, faculty and colleagues.  An undergraduate degree is required; a graduate degree is preferred.  CPA certification would be ideal.

From a professional perspective, the vice president should have a minimum of ten years of successful and progressively responsible experience, preferably in college, university, independent school settings or other not-for-profit organizations. The successful individual should have a strong background in financial management and modeling, expertise in investment and risk management, and understanding of information technology, facilities management and human resources.  The next vice president will demonstrate leadership and effectiveness in accomplishing the strategic and attendant financial goals of the university.  It is essential that the new vice president have demonstrable expertise in university promotions and the capacity to resonate with Millikin’s unique character and mission.

Since the Vice President for Finance and Business Affairs is to become part of the culture and community of the University, he or she must demonstrate astute cultural competency, and savvy interpersonal skills.  He or she must have a commitment to student, faculty and staff development, as well as the capability to support the staff in the Office of Finance and Business Affairs in working collaboratively with constituencies across the university.  The next vice president should have experience working with committees of a Board of Trustees, as well as serving as part of a senior management team.

From a personal perspective, the new Vice President for Finance and Business Affairs will be a collaborative leader and colleague, an energetic and positive professional, a skilled and deft listener, and an honest, thoughtful, articulate and open communicator.  She or he will possess the wisdom, compassion and values that form the fabric of the Millikin culture and will participate in community events and activities that draw the university and community closer together.  The vice president should be seen as community player.  The ideal individual will be creative and flexible, and will have outstanding interpersonal skills, a true commitment to the mission of Millikin, and a sense of humor.

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL