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Alumni News
Alumni, send us your business card. We have an alumni display board on the third floor and we would like to include yours. Also, please keep us informed by Submitting Alumni News.

Recent news:

  • Renee (Estes) Welch ('01) is Director of Career Services at the University of Northern Colorado.
  • Katie (Gifford) Huber ('09) is Event Manager at Gateway Center in Collinsville, IL.
  • Crystal (Walline) Lytle ('02) is Assistant Professor of Biology at Monmouth College

Here is a list of recent alumni from the chemistry department and what they are doing at last report:

Honorary Chemistry Alumni

  • Jessica Lindemann, 2011-medical school, Rochester University
  • Katie Bates, 2009-MEDPREP program, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale
  • Michael Minton, 2008-Sales Associate, Surgical Devices GBU, Covidien, Dallas TX
  • Andy Dunn, 2008 (D.O., Des Moines University)-Family Medicine Residency, Adventist Hinsdale
  • Karie Elliot, 2007-graduate school, St. Louis University
  • Phyllis Jones, 2006 (Pharm.D., Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville)
  • Crystal (Walline) Lytle, 2002 (Ph.D., neuropharmacology, Purdue)-Assistant Professor, Monmouth College


Class of 2013

  • Brandon Barringer-pharmacy school, University of Illinois-Chicago at Rockford
  • Heather Darby
  • Janet Ellis-pharmacy school
  • Sean Keil-graduate school, Illinois State University
  • Lauren Kitterman-research scientist, DuPont, NJ
  • Mille McClendon-chiropractic school
  • Samantha Parks
  • Cody Smith
  • Kelsy Whitney-laboratory technician, ADM, Decatur

Class of 2012

  • Kirsten Daykin-graduate school, Florida State University
  • Denise Freeman-graduate school, Michigan State University
  • Stephanie Gates-graduate school, University of Michigan
  • Val Kale-sales, Peoria IL
  • Kris Orlando
  • Kim Watson-graduate school, Purdue University

Class of 2011

  • Madonna Aus-Der-Au-sales representative, Oberweis Dairy
  • Bobby Gregory-medical scribe, Scribe America, Crystal Lake, MO
  • Brittany Hassee-Field Conversion Specialist, Covidien Surgical Devices, Norwalk CT
  • Zach Hays-laboratory technician, ADM, Decatur
  • Caitlin Klimavicz-medical school, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Tim Nielsen-research technician, Petrochemicals Department, BP, Naperville IL
  • Dian Romonosky-graduate school, University of California-Irvine
  • Heather Schoonover-graduate school, St. Louis University
  • Veronica Sunderland-sales representative, Covidien Surgical Devices, Norwalk CT
  • Paige Wallace-graduate school, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville
  • Tina Weder-Tate and Lyle Research, Decatur
  • Elise Wildman-pharmacy school, University of Illinois-Chicago at Rockford

Class of 2010

  • Lauren Bringman-graduate school, Biomedical Sciences, Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis IN
  • Carrie Bruno-pharmacy school, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Zach Holthaus-Freight Broker, Logistics Department, ADM, Decatur
  • Kenneth Mentzer-Akorn Pharmaceuticals, Decatur
  • Jodi (Brown) Morganthaler-Tate and Lyle Research, Decatur
  • Joel Ohrlund
  • Lori O'Connor-Tate and Lyle Research, Decatur; graduate school, Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Clay Parks-medical school, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
  • Eric Wolfe-substitute teacher, Paxton, IL
  • Nick Wright-GC operator, Isotech Labs, Champaign IL

Class of 2009

  • Brandon Davis-quality control specialist, PVS Chemicals, Chicago IL 
  • Danielle Daykin-pharmacy school, St. Louis College of Pharmacy
  • Justin DeYoung-compliance and safety specialist, Selig Sealing, Forrest IL
  • Brenna Gatewood-employed at Covance, graduate school, Indiana Wesleyan University, Indianapolis 
  • Lenora Gore-graduate school, DePaul University, Chicago IL
  • Katie (Gifford) Huber (master's degree, sports management, SIU-Edwardsville)-Event Manager, Gateway Center, Collinsville IL
  • Chelsey Imel-pharmacy school, Chicago State University School of Pharmacy
  • Heather (Althouse) Jones-analytical chemist, BioProducts Lab, ADM, Decatur
  • Sarah Lantvit-graduate school, Colorado State University, Fort Collins CO
  • Roselyn Migliorini (professional master's degree, chemical engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology)  
  • Anthony O'Brien
  • Jennifer (Peterson) Osborne-Business Development Manager, ATI Physical Therapy, Chicago
  • Mollie Wetter-research chemist, ADM, Decatur 

Class of 2008

  • Nick Bley-Tractor Trailer Supply Company, St. Louis
  • Susan Clardy (PhD, Syracuse University)-postdoctoral researcher
  • Corinne Cullina-laboratory technician, EPL Bioanalytical Services, Harristown IL
  • Matt Dahlman-research chemist, ADM, Decatur
  • Amanda Gass-QC chemist, Reliable Pharmaceutical Corp.
  • Courtney Goodwin-Manager of Professional Training and Development, Covidien, Manhattan NY
  • Megan (Bilyeu) Jones-Managing Director, Huntington Learning Center, Columbus OH
  • Keith Kunz-research chemist, Sigma-Aldrich, St. Louis
  • Jessi (Etherton) McClurg-organic chemist, ADM, Decatur
  • Arti Patel-MBA program, Illinois State University, Normal IL
  • Carlissa Rawls-laboratory technician, ADM, Decatur
  • Frederik Rebling-medical school, George Washington University, Washington DC
  • Donald Reed-graduate school, Illinois State University, Normal IL
  • Steve Smedberg-Fluidynamics Site Manager, ChemTool, Winston-Salem, NC
  • Tori Stanislovaitis-pharmacy school, Midwestern University, Downers Grove IL
  • Joan Tirado-graduate school, Illinois State University, Normal IL
  • Amanda Walker-corporate accounting manager, Mueller Co., Decatur

Class of 2007

  • Chelsea (Zombro) Bruns-homemaker, Decatur
  • Eric Dore-R&D chemist, Abbott Labs, North Chicago
  • John Fishel-lab technician, FONA International, Geneva IL
  • Ashley Gilmore-staff analyst, PDC Laboratories, Inc, Peoria IL
  • Chris Howse-medical school, University of Illinois, Rockford IL
  • Sarah Johansen-Associate Chemist (Bio-Organic Group), Sigma-Aldrich, St. Louis
  • Jeannie Kim
  • Ryan McCullough-QA/QC Scientist, HNC Products, Inc., Clinton IL
  • Josh McGee (graduate school, Illinois State University)-QC/QA Chemist, HNC Products, Inc., Clinton IL  
  • Kim Riggen (Pharm.D., University of Iowa)
  • Alya Saqer-graduate school, Rush University College of Nursing, Chicago
  • Ryan Stuckemeyer

Class of 2006

  • Katherine Avery (MD, Southern Illinois University)-general surgery resident, New York Medical College/Westchester Medical Center, Valhalla NY
  • Jessi (Sjoken) Baker-plant chemist, Bio-Alternative LLC, Covington IN
  • Bryan Barton (PhD, chemistry, U of Illinois)-research chemist, Dow Chemical Co., Midland MI
  • Samantha (Madlem) Bhosale-homemaker, Peoria
  • Kelley Bracken-high school science teacher, Meridian
  • Matthew Brown
  • Melissa Christen (MD, Wake Forest University)-general surgery resident, East Tennessee State University
  • Beth Coons-Caterpillar, Peoria
  • Nicole Kennedy (MD, University of Illinois, Chicago)-family medicine resident, Greenwood SC
  • Bryan Kickle-scientist II, Food Oil Development and Applications, ADM Research, Decatur
  • Sarah Massey-Tate and Lyle Research, Decatur
  • Stephanie Seasly-medical school, Tulane University, New Orleans
  • Patricia (Franke) Smith-quality control chemist, Akorn Pharmaceuticals, Decatur
  • Andrew White-Roche Diagnostics, Indianapolis
  • Paul Yemm-head swim coach, Millikin University
  • Ryan Young-MWH Global, Richmond, KY

Class of 2005

  • Brittany (Widenhofer) Atwood-homemaker, Decatur
  • James Bratcher
  • Shondra (Furto) Cook (MS, food science, U of Illinois, Urbana)-Tate and Lyle Research, Decatur
  • Gaelle Fearheiley-Madison WI
  • Aaron Kinkelaar-environmental chemist, Bodine Environmental Services, Decatur
  • Eric Kotal (MD, Southern Illinois University)-emergency medicine resident, Michigan State University, Kalamazoo
  • Lyn Kravanya-MBA program, U of Illinois, Springfield
  • Zach Lukens (MS, Chemical Engineering, Washington U, St Louis)-ADM Research, Decatur.
  • Nathan O'Neill-QC manager, Arkansas Lime Company (US Lime and Minerals), Batesville AR
  • Kim Schmitt (MBA, St. Louis University)-research chemist, Covidien, St. Louis
  • Kristy Topalovich (chemistry education, DePaul University)-Roscoe, IL
  • Doug Wolber-ADM Research, Decatur
  • Christopher Zochowski-graduate school, chemistry, Illinois State University

Class of 2004

  • Greg Cothern (M.S., Eastern Illinois University)-high school science teacher & coach, Pana, IL
  • Diane Imburgia-dental school, Indiana University
  • Adam Krebs
  • Joanne Mak-post-baccalaureate med-prep program, City College of New York
  • Aaron Matheson-high school science teacher, Bloomington
  • Aaron Rund (MD, St. Louis University)-medical residency, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland
  • Alan Stutzman-graduate school, SIU medical school, Springfield
  • Josh Sudbury-master service technician (water treatment), Chardon Laboratories, Griffith, Indiana
  • Alishea (Pulley) Walker-Akorn Pharmaceuticals, Decatur
  • Lynell Williams (MD, Loyola)-medical residency, Detroit

Class of 2003

  • Adina Boyd-graduate school, chemistry, Rice University, Houston TX
  • Brad Brown-graduate school, chemistry, Arizona State University, Tempe AZ
  • Melissa Fisher-dental school, Nova Southeastern University, Ft. Lauderdale FL
  • Jodi (Evans) Goodman (MS, chemistry, Indiana University)-St. Louis, MO 
  • Sara (Ray) Helmus (PhD, chemistry, The Ohio State University)-adjunct faculty member, Middlesex Community College, Farmington, CT

Class of 2002

  • Tim Brach-IT customer support, CommScope, Chicago
  • Tim Brewer (PhD, analytical chemistry, Clemson University)-postdoctoral research chemist, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg MD
  • Linda Fanis-Chemistry Instructor, Madison Area Technical College, Madison WI
  • Cory Moffat (MS, chemistry, Purdue University)
  • Anna Osladil (MD, Southern Illinois University)-emergency room physician, Memorial Medical Center, Springfield IL
  • Michael Sarff-Covidien/Mallinckrodt, St. Louis

Class of 2001

  • Patricia Bean-ADM Research, Decatur
  • Sara (Holland) Bendler (MS, chemistry, Eastern Illinois University)-research chemist, EPL Bioanalytical Systems, Harristown
  • Scott Bilyeu (MD, U of Illinois-Chicago)-family & sports medicine, St. Mary's Hospital, Decatur
  • Ryan Cleland-chiropractor and co-owner, Infinite Wellness Chiropractic Ltd., Edwardsville IL
  • Dennis Janecke (DDS, Marquette University)
  • Catherine Kim-food product sales, ADM Corporate, Decatur
  • Sara (Brown) Murdick (MD, U of Cincinnati)-resident at Cincinnati Children's Hospital
  • Jessica (White) Roeder
  • Deia Shipp-MedPointe, Decatur
  • Renee (Estes) Welch (MS, student service, Miami University)-director, Career Services, University of Northern Colorado, Greeley CO
  • Mandy Wimmer

Class of 2000

  • Kyle Atchason-Akorn Pharmaceuticals, Decatur
  • Alison Bilyeu (MD, U of Illinois)-private practice, Decatur
  • Todd Wilkinson (JD, Northern Illinois University Law School)-attorney for GSI Group, Assumption IL

Class of 1999

  • Laura Feltes (MS, IUPUI, Indianapolis)-Abbott Laboratories
  • Alex Gorbonos (MD, Albert Einstein, New York)-urologist, SIU School of Medicine, Springfield, IL
  • Matt Hudson (MS, The Ohio State University)-Quality Assurance Analyst, MedWiz Technologies, Columbus, OH
  • Leah Jones-Vice President of Social and Emerging Media, OLSON, Chicago
  • Mary Martin-math teacher, Lutheran School Association, Decatur
  • Heath Poulos-O'Brien Auto, Champaign, IL
  • Cathy Ptasnik-Stepan Chemical, Northbrook
  • Nathaniel Rood
  • Ryan Senger (PhD, chemical engineering, Colorado State University)-assistant professor, Virginia Tech University, Blacksburg VA
  • Jake Slavish (PhD, University of Arizona)-researcher, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
  • Justin Smith (MS, Uof Illinois)-Six Sigma Black Belt, Eli Lilly, Indianapolis
  • Nicole Tester (PhD, neuroscience, U of Florida)-associate investigator, VA Medical Center, Gainesville FL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL