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Dr. Anne Rammelsburg Dr. Ed Acheson

Dr. Paris Barnes

Dr. Clarence Josefson

We welcome you to contact the Chemistry Faculty directly for details about the department. For more information about admission to the University or Millikin in general, contact the Office of Admission at or 800.373.7733.

Dr. Anne Rammelsberg
Department Chair, Biochemistry

Dr. Rammelsberg is a biochemist interested in antimicrobial peptides and protein cleavage agents. She is also an avid canine working sport competitor.

Dr. Ed Acheson
Analytical Chemistry

Dr. Acheson is an analytical chemist interested in detecting trace antimicrobials in water. He is an avid computer (pc) user. He serves as our department's social advisor and resident expert on Problem Based Learning.

Dr. Paris Barnes
Inorganic Chemistry

Dr. Barnes is the newest addition to our department. He is interested in the synthesis of new solid-state inorganic materials with interesting physical properties. His outside interests include modern-era rock music, talk radio, sports of all sorts, and traveling. 

Dr. George Bennett
Organic Chemistry

Dr. Bennett is an organic chemist interested in environmentally benign (green) syntheses, an avid runner and advisor to the ACS student affiliates.

Dr. Clarence Josefson
Physical Chemistry

Dr. Josefson is a physical chemist with interests that have no boundaries. Currently, his focus is electrochemistry of metals. He is also an avid gardener and breadmaker and teaches Block Chemistry.

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL