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Additional Style Guides Online:

MLA (Purdue)

APA (Purdue)

Chicago/History Style Guide

Chicago Style (Purdue)

CBE/Science Style Guide

ASA (American Sociological Association) Style Guide

Staley Library Research Assistance

ESL Help

US Higher Education: A Cultural Introduction

Writing in Higher Education: An Introduction for International Students 

Creating Effective Paragraphs

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-Writing in Your Discipline

-How to Read an Assignment! (Check out the "Key Terms" section for some really good help!)

Writing in a Nutshell

Coping With Writing Anxiety

Writer's Block? Symptoms and Cures!

Procrastination: What It Is, and What to Do About It

-Brainstorming and Developing Ideas


-Thesis Statements
Creating a Strong Thesis Statement

-Organizing Your Paper

Persuasive Essays

Logical Fallacies

Purdue: Logical Fallacies

Logic in Argumentative Writing

Strategies for Writing a Conclusion

More Good Strategies!

-Revision Strategies

Some Warning Signs of a Rushed Paper!
Proofreading, Editing, Revising: Definition

Some Brilliant Revision Strategies



Guide to Grammar and Style

Transitions: Kinds and Use

-Documenting Sources

Plagiarism Policy: Millikin University
Preventing Plagiarism: Millikin University

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Staley Library Research Assistance

-Annotated Bibliographies

The Annotated Bibliography
Annotated Bibliographies - Staley Library
Annotated Bibilography Examples

-Lab Reports

Writing a Science Report




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