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Alumni Activities
Alumni of the Department of Theatre and Dance are working all over the world.  Many have found great success in their pursuit of careers in theatre, dance, film and television while others have found exciting opportunities outside of the theatre industry.  We invite you to peruse the pages below to see just a sampling of how the hundreds of graduates from our program have applied the skills they developed at Millikin. 


  Ben Fuchsen
BFA Directing 2003

Ben graduated from Millikin with a BFA in Directing in 2003. He is currently the Executive Producer of the award winning Chicago based Oracle Productions.  As Executive Producer, Ben oversees development initiatives and program development for everything that Oracle does: Theatre, Film, The Radio Movement, and B*Sides. Ben served as Artistic Director of Oracle Theatre from 2008 to 2011. For Oracle, he directed TAPETHE CASTLEBLOOD WEDDINGTHE MAIDSACCIDENTAL DEATH OF AN ANARCHIST - to name a few. In August 2011, Ben led a group of Oracle artists to Minsk, Belarus, to devise a new work which premiered in Prague, and became the first American involvement in the Belaya Vezha Theatre Festival in Brest, Belarus.

Oracle believes you can’t live without art, so we are devoted to making sure everyone everywhere has a chance to experience the arts. By offering our art to the community for free, we foster creativity and bolster people’s aspirations. We collaborate with other organizations to engage them in this mission. We are committed to spreading a love for art worldwide – and we want you to join us in our cause. Oracle is art for all. 

Under Ben’s leadership, Oracle has been the recipient of multiple Jeff awards and the 2014 Broadway in Chicago Emerging Theatre Award. 

For more information about Oracle, visit their website at

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL