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Bella Musica - Courses

Italian Courses

  • Beginning Italian: IT103 (4 credits)
  • Continuing Italian: IT114 (4 credits)
  • Intermediate Italian: IT223 (4 credits)

Bella Musica VOICE offers exciting options for study and performance.  Students take weekly voice lessons and receive language coaching with faculty from the Rossini Opera Festival, located in near-by Pesaro.  Dr. Hadi Gibbons will be featuring a seminar in performance styles and practices as well as vocal pedagogy and pedagogy practicum classes.  All students will appear in public performance at various venues, presenting the literature studied and coached during residency.

  • Vocal Performance Seminar:  Performance Styles and Practices:  MU 460
  • Advanced Voice Lessons: ML 211, 311, 411
  • Vocal Pedagogy:  MU 455
  • Vocal Pedagogy Practicum:  MU 456

Bella Musica WOODWIND AND BRASS CHAMBER MUSIC offers collegiate and advanced high school INSTRUMENTALISTS an opportunity to perform in the wonderful acoustics of beautiful churches and concert halls in the Urbania region. Each participant will enroll for 3 credits of performance including Trombone Quartet, Trombone Ensemble, Woodwind or Brass Quintet, Trios and/or Duets.  All ensembles will be coached and conducted by Dr. Gary Shaw, Trombone Professor and Chair of Winds and Brass at Millikin University.  Participants will also perform in ensembles at weekly Performance Masterclasses and perform in one concert with the local Municipal Band of Urbania.  Ensemble  assignments will depend on enrollment and instrumentation.

  • Brass Ensemble: MO170
  • Woodwind Ensemble: MO183
  • Performance Seminar: MU460 

Bella Musica KEYBOARD offers private instruction in piano as well as keyboard accompanying and ensemble taught by Dr. Susan Cobb.  Pianists taking private lessons will concentrate on solo literature; performance opportunities are available in weekly recitals in the salon at Centro Studi Italiani and in concert venues in neighboring cities.  Students choosing to enroll in the accompanying class will be assigned vocalists or instrumentalists to work with during masterclasses and recitals.  Ensembles may include duet literature for piano or brass/woodwind chamber music.  Class piano courses emphasize the development of reading skills and elementary keyboard technique, as well as certain functional skills: sight-reading, chord progressions, harmonization, transposition, and reading open scores.

  • Keyboard accompanying and ensemble: MU360
  • Applied Piano lessons; ML107, ML207, ML307, ML407
  • Class Piano: MU103, MU104, MU203, MU204
Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL