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Major Description:
Management is using human, financial, technology, and material resources to meet organizational goals. Managers must be skilled in planning, organizing, leading, and controlling these resources. Managers recognize change and make decisions in an uncertain environment.

The Management major prepares students to manage challenges and leverage opportunities in a contemporary, changing, and global business environment. Students majoring in Management lead in teams, develop decision making skills, and demonstrate their abilities through competition. Students gain these experiences through their "hands-on" class projects, internships, and global experiences.

The program builds on four themes: Talent Management, Leadership in a Changing Environment, Relationship Building, and Decision Making under Uncertainty.

A Millikin Management degree can be applied to management in small, medium, and large organizations. Students can use their degree to pursue their individual interests managing in a variety of industries, including, but not limited to services, manufacturing, retail, and entertainment and tourism. Students can use their Millikin Management degree to start their own company.

Management Major will emerge as a trained business professional prepared to make the right decision, at the right time using the right resources in a changing environment.

Our program is designed to challenge students to gain the confidence to succeed in a global environment. "We Teach what Managers do."

Program Objectives:
Students who major in Management at Millikin will:
1. Develop highly sought after job related skills involving relationship building, teamwork, written
and oral communication, and critical thinking.
2. Demonstrate analytical skills (verbal and written) for decision making under uncertainty and in
competitive environments.
3. Discover how to leverage personal, team, and organizational competencies to optimize
4. Demonstrate knowledge of leadership with an appreciation for ethical, cultural, and global
5. Apply management theories and concepts in real-world organizations and situations.

Required Courses For Major:
(21 hours of upper level business and management courses beyond the Tabor core)

MG 321 Acquiring and Building Talent
MG 322 Performance Management
PH 215 Business Ethics

One of the following quantitative component courses:
MG 365 Decision Making Under Uncertainty
MG 375 Project Management

And one of the following courses:
MG 306, Organizational Behavior, Leadership and Change
ET 340, Foundations of Entrepreneurship

Choose one of the following courses:
ET 410 International Business Consulting
MG 430 International Entrepreneurship
MG 481 International Independent Study
MG 471 Internship
ET 400 Small Business Consulting
Or other approved international travel or experience

Get involved beyond the classroom:
Students can serve as business specialists, working with organizations to solve business problems.

Student Business Organizations:
Millikin Accounting Association ACM, CEO, Collegiate DECA, Tabor Advisory Council.

Management Curriculum
Management 8-Semester Plan

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Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL