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Unit 5: Business Decisions
Do you know a good business decision when you see one? While the principles of good decision-making are integral to the course throughout the MBA program, at this stage of development we step back from the individual areas of the business to examine how policies, strategies and decisions affect business performance. A more comprehensive view of business decisions, from the view of leaders, is the focus.

590. Business Policy & Simulations - Dr. Michael Pettus 
Raising capital, planning growth, targeting/assessing acquisitions, setting quality levels, and a host of other business policy choices affect the ultimate success of a business. Unfortunately, for most of us the choices we make usually take a long time to play out, making it difficult for many of us to see the future impact of present decisions. There is no better teacher than experience, but there is no more costly education. This course seeks to tie together decisions and consequences through case studies and simulations.

600. Business Plans - Dr. Anthony Liberatore 
As MBA students, participants have essentially set a personal goal of improving their business skills and acumen. This final project is designed to add one more integrating experience to business knowledge. By designing a business plan, each team of associates will bring together the elements of finance, marketing, management, leadership and ethics into a well thought-out plan.

605. Practicum: Management & Leadership Values - Dr. Anthony Liberatore
Values are a self-fulfilling process. Studies indicate that the most successful managers believe that people are capable and willing to work hard. This practicum explores the issue of motivation and values.

610. China Immersion - Dr. J. Mark Munoz 
The International Immersion is a one-week intensive experience at a leading foreign graduate school in Europe or Asia. Students will take one-full week or about 40 hours of instruction in issues of international business designed to raise the understanding of business practices outside the US. This on-location experience will:
  • Expose students directly to the culture, business practices, and leadership attitudes outside the United States
  • Help prepare students for overseas assignments with their company
  • Exposes students to the thinking and beliefs of internationally known professors and international business executives.

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Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL