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Freshman Business Plan Competition
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Intro to Business Course
Designed to provide students with a basic understanding of business, this course stresses the personal and professional development and is built around the introduction and integration of the various business functions. Concepts such as teams, leadership, ethics, professionalism, and communications are explored through team designed written business plan and professional presentation.

Business Challenge
In application of the principles, concepts, and information learned from the course, students are required to create a Business Plan outlining a proposal to operate an enterprise of their choice. The business plan evaluation will be based on feasibility and profitability. A format for the Business Plan will be provided in class. The Business Plan is a team effort and students will be grouped accordingly. Class sessions will be provided to allow students to closely coordinate their Business Plan.

A comprehensive Business Plan will be submitted at the conclusion of the course. Students are expected to work on the Business Plan throughout the entire term.

The Business Plan must be properly documented. Sources, quotes, and tables or graphs used must be cited. Full details and guidelines for the report formats along with documentation guidelines, will be provided in a separate class handout.

A copy of your final written business plan and presentation will be provided to the instructor and teaching assistants just prior to presentation. The final business plan will be spiral bound with a cover page including the names of the team and a table of contents. An electronic copy will be emailed to your instructor. The final presentation is scored as a whole with individual scores evaluated on presentation style.
Course Topics and Documents

Business Plan Outline

Competitor Matrix

NAICS Assignment

Industry Research


Competition Profile

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL