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ACI Workshop Pages, 2001.

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TLM Meeting, Nov 2, Illinois Wesleyan University

To register for these workshops:  see you campus contact person listed

  • Schedule a Course Management System Software Workshop for your School
    • Blackboard 5 Intro, St. Xavier University, May 30th, contact: Phyllis Baker (
    • CMS Comparisons, Trinity University, May 31st, contact: Elizabeth Rudenga
    • Blackboard 5 Intro, North Central College, June 26, contact: Jon Mueller
    • Blackboard 5 Intro, Millikin University, August 14, contact Michael O'Conner (
    • Advanced CMS, North Park University, TBA Fall 2001, contact: Phil Myette
    • WebCT Intro, Lake Forest University, TBA Fall 2001, contact: Diane Snedden

Project CROW

  • Social Psychology CROW Page
  • American Literature Surveys CROW Page
  • Introduction to Literary Theory CROW Page

    Millikin University - Decatur, IL
    Millikin University - Decatur, IL