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Faculty Development Workshops Schedule, 2002.

Teaching and Learning Mentor Mini-Institutes (for institutional TLMs only):
May 31 9 AM - 3 PM Web Resources for Faculty Concordia University
Sep 28 9 AM - 3 PM CMS and Multimedia - Issues and Answers Millikin University
Oct 11 9 AM - 3 PM A Technology Smorgasbord- Best Practices/Best programs St. Francis University

Special Workshops (one time only):

May 30 9 AM - Noon Beginning Blackboard Olivet Nazarene
Jun 21 10 AM - 3 PM IT Collaboration/Sharing Forum Illinois Wesleyan
July 12 10 AM - 3 PM Creating and Using Learning Spaces Olivet Nazarene
Aug 08 10 AM - 3 PM Digital Image and Video Editing Augustana

Traveling Workshops Across the State:

A. Meeting Pedagogy Challenges for Faculty
This workshop will ask faculty to come up with a top ten list of their most pressing pedagogical challenges. We will discuss and rank these challenges, see how this list compares with lists developed at other schools, and demonstrate methods for addressing those challenges through the use of some tools of technology. The workshop will benefit both faculty who have never used technology in the classroom and those who have. This workshop combines elements of last year's successful workshops on Process Writing and Technology for Reluctant Faculty, along with demonstrations of current online resources at locations like Project Merlot.
Date Time Location Availability Contact
Apr 03 10 - 3 Eureka institution only  Tami Eggelston,
Apr 26 10 - 3 Quincy institution only  Chris Mulrine,
May 22 10 - 3 Trinity some seats available  Rick Snoeyink,
May 28 10 - 12 Lewis institution only  Suzan Sollie,
May 30 10 - 3 North Park some seats available  Phil Myette,
Aug 16 10 - 3 Millikin some seats available  Pat Pettit,

B. Intermediate Blackboard
This workshop, for faculty who have already been introduced to and utilize Blackboard, takes a look at extra features of Blackboard not covered in previous workshops. We examine the use of specific course settings, managing users and groups, advanced assessment features (such as manipulating assessments, creating question pools and learning online grade book features), learning how to best use and analyze course statistics, and, importantly, how to RECYCLE your Blackboard course at the end of each semester. 
Date Time Location Availability Contact
May 15 10 - 3 Millikin seats available  Pat Pettit,
May 22 1-3:30 Lewis institution only  Suzan Sollie,
May 23 10 - 3 North Park some seats available  Phil Myette,
Fall 10 - 3 TBA seats available

C. Collaborating and Group Work through Technology
This workshop begins with best practice recommendations for planning, arranging, managing and assessing collaborative and group projects for the classroom. Next, it moves to some tools of technology that can assist faculty in implementing and assessing collaborative projects and group work. Examined in the workshop are tools such as threaded discussion, instant chat software, Word's Highlight and Track Changes features, email attachments, webized assignments and advanced programs such as Netmeeting. 
Date Time Location Availability Contact
FALL 10 - 3 Millikin seats available  Pat Pettit,
Aug 13 10 - 3 North Park some seats available  Phil Myette,
Aug 19 10 - 3 Mckendree seats available  Tami Eggelston,

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