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Faculty Development Workshops Schedule, 2006.

March 3 Faculty Development Workshop- evaluations McKendree College
March 4 ACI AT&T TLM Mini-Institute and Planning Session McKendree College
March 31 Traveling Workshop: Power Point, adding Images to Power Point, and Emerging Technologies (1:30 PM) Quincy University
April 4 Traveling Workshop: Power Point, adding Images to Power Point (11:30 AM) Concordia University
April 5 Dominican Workshop Dominican University
June 2 Digital Video TLM Workshop Concordia University
June 14 IT Support Systems Millikin University
Sept 9 TLM Mini-Institute Millikin University, ADM/Scovill 006
Oct 6 TLM Mini-Institute Elmhurst University

Project Merlot

Open Course, Open Source-TLT Group resources pages

Vantagenet-polls and surveys for free

LeeLou software-web-based demo software, free versions

WebBoard Software-commercial software for threaded discussions on the web

Teaching and Learning on the WWW

The World Lecture Hall

Dangers of Putting Information on the Web: Fair Use Guidelines and Suggestions

John Bohnert's (Elmhurst College) Pages on "Teaching Technology and Learning"

Integrating the Internet into the Classroom--for K-12

Distance Education Clearinghouse

Illinois Virtual Campus

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Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL