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Faculty Development Workshops Schedule, 2007.

March 2 TLM Mini-Institute: E-Portfolio and Open Source University of St. Francis
May 11 Moodle Pilot Planning Meeting ACI, Chicago
May 30 Introduction to Moodle Workshop Millikin University
June 14 Technology Support Services Workshop Millikin University
Oct 19 TLM Mini-Institute: More Cool Tools and What's Next Dominican University

Project Merlot

Open Course, Open Source-TLT Group resources pages

Vantagenet-polls and surveys for free

LeeLou software-web-based demo software, free versions

WebBoard Software-commercial software for threaded discussions on the web

Teaching and Learning on the WWW

The World Lecture Hall

Dangers of Putting Information on the Web: Fair Use Guidelines and Suggestions

John Bohnert's (Elmhurst College) Pages on "Teaching Technology and Learning"

Integrating the Internet into the Classroom--for K-12

Distance Education Clearinghouse

Illinois Virtual Campus

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Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL