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Employee Spotlight

Name: Kaye Chandler
Position: Office Manager

With over 15 years with Millikin University, Kaye Chandler brings a professional level of experience to the ARAMARK team. As the Facility Services Office Manager, Kaye is responsible for the efficient operation of the entire workplace. Maintaining a positive attitude is her main concern while on the job; feeling high morale is the best way to achieve her own potential.

A job like Kaye’s can be challenging; after all, the issues that arise are never the same from day to day. Ms. Chandler, however, says she enjoys the variability of her job saying, “I like the variety.”

When asked about her favorite aspect of her position with Facility Services, Ms. Chandler quickly answers, “The Maintenance staff. They are such an efficient and hardworking group of people.” For Kaye, teamwork is the key to a contented work experience.

Job Opportunties

No vacancies are currently available

Apply for a Postion

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  • On-line submission of applications is not available

You may apply by mail, fax or in person for any posted or advertised position. Human Resources is located in Walker Hall. You can pick up or drop off an employment application during normal working hours 8:00a.m. to 12:00p.m. and 1:00p.m. to 5:00p.m. Monday through Friday. During the summer or at the semester break, the hours may change. You may want to contact us at 217-424-6312 to confirm the office will be open.

You can apply online using this website, but Aramark will require applicants to fill out a print application prior to employment, as employment applications must be signed. Unless a closing date is specified in the job posting, we accept applications or resumes until a candidate has been identified by the department to fill the job opening. Once the department has identified a candidate, the position will be closed and no further resumes or applications will be considered for the position. However, we encourage you to look at other positions that might be open or visit our web page often to see our new postings.

Please send applications to:

Human Resources for ARAMARK
Facility Services
Millikin University
1184 W. Main
Decatur, IL  62522

Or fax them to: (217) 362-6425

PLEASE NOTE:   This is only for employment with ARAMARK Facility Services, grounds, maintenance, and housekeeping providers for Millikin University. 

For employment with Millikin University in other capacities, please contact  the Human Resource Director at Millikin University.  217-362-6416

Benefits Overview

ARAMARK offers employees who work a minimum of 32 hours per week the following benefits:

Medical Insurance
ARAMARK offers a group major medical plan which includes a hospital-based Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). Coverage becomes effective on the 91st day of full-time employment.

Dental Insurance
ARAMARK's dental plan provides coverage for preventative services, minor restorative services, major services and orthodontics. Coverage becomes effective on the 91st day of full-time employment.

Life Insurance
ARAMARK offers life insurance equal to $5,000. The premium is pail in full ARAMARK. Also, ARAMARK offers supplemental life insurance, which allows employees to purchase additional insurance for themselves and their dependents.

Short Term Disability Insurance
The company will provide short-term disability coverage for each full-time employee Following a seven-calendar day waiting period, the employee would receive a regular paycheck at 60 percent of earnings for up to six months.

Long Term Disability Insurance
The plan pays 60% of your base salary up to a maximum benefit of $2,500 per month. This plan is paid in full by the ARAMARK. Employee is eligible after 90 days of continuous active work.

ARAMARK’s retirement plan is managed by Fidelity Investment Services. Initial participation in ARAMARK’s retirement plan is voluntary. After one year of eligible service, ARAMARK will contribute 5% of the employee's base annual salary, when the employee contributes 5%.

Paid Time Off (PTO)
All full-time employees who have completed their 60-day orientation period are entitled to accrue on-half day of Paid Time Off for each month worked, with a total of six days per calendar year and a maximum of 12 days at any one time. PTO provides full-time employees with paid time off for occasional illness or personal business. To be eligible to PTO, employees must notify their supervisors at least one hour before the start of their work schedule unless physically unable to do so.

ARAMARK provides the following paid holidays:

  • New Years Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
  • 3 floating holidays per year.

Savings Bonds
All ARAMARK employees may elect to have automatic deductions taken for their paychecks toward the purchase of Series EE U.S. Savings Bonds. Employees may elect to have as little at $5.00 a week deducted and may select a $100, $100, $500, or $1,000 bond. Upon deduction from an employee’s paycheck of the actual cost of the bond, the Savings bond will be mailed to the home address of record.

Full-time hourly employees begin accruing vacation time at the rate of .42 days per month from the first full calendar month worked, but are not eligible to use their time until they have completed one year of continuous service. Upon second and third anniversary, accrual rate increases to .84 days per month for 10 days of vacation. Upon 4th anniversary, accrual rate increases to 1.25 days per month for 15 days of vacation.

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL