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November EOM - Vicki Wrigley

Millikin University’s Employee Recognition Committee has selected Vicki Wrigley, Controller, as the Employee of the Month for November 2011.  The Committee received very compelling nominations in support of Vicki, including the following comments:


“Vicki is a pleasure to work with, day in and day out.  I am very thankful to have her as a co-worker in the Business Office.  She is always willing to drop everything when you need help, without giving it a second thought.  Vicki is always pleasant to everyone she comes in contact with and is very diplomatic and professional at all times.  I feel Vicki would be a great choice to receive the Employee of the Month!”


“I would like to recommend Vicki Wrigley for employee of the month.  I have enjoyed working [with her] and getting to know her over the last four years.  What I really appreciate about Vicki is [that] she never seems stressed and has a smile on her face.  I know she has a lot to do, but she takes things in stride and just gets it done! I also really appreciate that she has a sense of how things affect other offices.  This quality is hard to come by.  She understands the time line that the financial aid office works on and always gets her tasks done so that we can proceed with our processing.  She notes as things come across her desk from other departments that may affect financial aid, and she gives me the opportunity to decide whether it is relevant.   I cannot tell you how much that helps us.  Whenever I have questions about University tax information, endowment amounts, reconciliation of accounts or even just to ask her some basic knowledge on a tax form, she is always there to help!”


“Vicki is one of those ‘behind the scenes’ Millikin employees that I feel very privileged to work with in so many capacities.  Vicki is always helpful and works with us in her easy going, patient, and kind manner.  Everyone at Millikin feels that way!  Needless to say, we can be a bit confused about some of the budget/account number issues, whether it is Tabor, MBA or Immersion/Summer School, but, Vicki never loses her cool, and helps us every step of the way.  And, one more little thing that matters a lot to us over in the MBA/Tabor/Immersion office - she is the wire transfer queen!  We are so thankful to have her to turn to when a dreaded, last minute wire transfer request comes to us. The process has changed a lot over the years, and Vicki always finds a way to problem solve any wire transfer issues that pop up.  She is always pleasant and patient doing it, as well!  I've only touched on a few things when it comes to how wonderful Vicki Wrigley is.  She is such a great asset to Millikin University, and deserves to be the November Employee of the Month.”


“I'd like to nominate Vicki Wrigley for employee of the month.  She is the prime example of ‘calm within a storm.’ She has a quiet, genteel quality that transfers a level of professionalism very few of us could ever hope to achieve.  There is never an unkind word or appearance of strain as she works through the detail- oriented annals of university accounts.  In her daily business procedures, Vicki exemplifies the kind of employee Millikin can be extremely proud of. She certainly deserves to be recognized and celebrated for her fine and rare qualities.”


“Vicki approaches each day with professionalism and a positive attitude.  Vicki is not only ethical and dedicated, but has a talent for balancing the intellectual requirements of her position with compassion and kindness for those she interacts with. This has created a sense of loyalty within her department and beyond.  Vicki has often worked extended hours to ensure that vital work is completed. She serves a key role in the work with the Auditors and with ensuring that the University is in compliance with many Federal regulations.  While some may not know who she is or the role she serves, her position can be compared to the rudder of a boat: while often hidden, it serves to guide the vessel in the proper direction.”


“I would like to nominate Vicki Wrigley as Employee of the Month.  Since day one, Vicki has been calm and courteous no matter how stressful her tasks in the Business Office may be that day.  She always has a smile and tries to provide the best customer service for both Millikin employees and students.  I can think of no one more deserving than Vicki.”


“I would like to nominate Vicki Wrigley for Employee of the Month.  Vicki is very dedicated and thorough.  Whether she is assisting faculty on immersion trips or researching account transactions, she remains calm and helpful.  Many situations involving money can require immediate resolution, and Vicki goes out of her way to assist students and employees.  While several departments enjoy lighter loads in the summer months, summer is the busiest time of the year for Vicki with the University's audit.  Her attention to detail has led to no audit findings in two of the past three years.  Vicki is always looking for ways to improve customer service or simplify processes.  She is also a concerned and true friend to her colleagues.”


Millikin University would like to thank the area businesses that donated gifts for the Employee of the Month.  This month’s donors included the following: The National Bird Feeding Society, Bronze Man Books, Aramark Dining Services, Dairy Queen, Papa Murphy’s, University Dogs, Disc Replay, Peerless Cleaners, Kirkland Fine Arts Center, Texas Roadhouse, Follett Bookstore, Carlos O’Kelly’s, Lock Stock & Barrel, Millikin University Department of Theatre & Dance, Millikin University Marketing Department, and Millikin University Alumni & Development Center.
Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL