Managing Finances
  • Become familiar with currency exchange procedures. Difficulties and delays frequently occur in the transfer of funds from overseas to the U.S. Transfer of funds may take several weeks or months, so you should be prepared and organized.
  • If your home government or institution is providing funding for you, be sure to arrange a specific process with them for transferring money to you or to Millikin for payment of your tuition.
  • Also, let Millikin's Center for International Education and Millikin's Business Office know the contact name and institution in order to facilitate the transfer. International wire transfers are done via S.W.I.F.T.
  • Millikin will help you to open a checking or savings account during Orientation. Be practical about your finances. If you overdraw on your checking account, you will be fined for that withdrawal and for every day that your balance is below $0. Savings accounts typically charge a monthly service fee (usually around $10/month) to maintain a the account. Money disappears fast!
  • Plan for how you will finance your entire education at Millikin, not only your first year. 
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