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Telephone Information for New Students
What is my telephone number?

You will be provided that information by Residence Life upon check in.

Do my roommate and I each have our own separate telephone number?

No, you share the same line and number, but you will each have your own telephone jack.

Do I need to bring a telephone?

If you plan on using the phone line in your room to make calls, you will need to bring a phone.

Do I need to bring an answering machine?

You can bring one if you want to.  You should contact your roommate before arriving on campus to discuss details about who might bring an answering machine.  Each resident may have a telephone, but only one answering machine can be used per line.

What features and rates will I have?

Local calls - Free
Monthly Fee - Free
Call Waiting - Free
Installation Charges - None
Hidden Charges - None
Caller ID - Free
Domestic toll calls - 12¢ per minute
International calls vary - contact Media, Phone, and TV Services for rates
Directory assistance - 65¢ per call

Dial around (10-10-xxx) , 900 and collect calls are not allowed.  Special services (i.e. voice messaging, private voice mail) from service providers cannot be implemented on campus phones.  Your campus phone number is owned by Millikin; do not give out your campus number to a service provider as a means of billing.

Where do I pay my telephone bill?

Millikin University bills telephone charges on the first of the month.  Telephone charges are applied to the student's account and can be paid using MU Account Suite.  A detail of phone calls is available on MU Online.  MU Account Suite and MU Online can be accessed from myMILLIKIN.

Who will help me with telephone service?

If you have a question or issue, please contact Media, Phone & TV Services.
Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL