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The Richards Treat University Center (RTUC) offers a variety of amenities and services for the Millikin and Decatur community.  While here, enjoy hanging out in one of the lounges, eating a good meal in Wornick Dining Hall or The Big Blue Bistro, attend a student event or campus event, or just stop by to hang out in the Office of Student Organizations! For more information go to the University Information Center located on the upper level of the Richards Treat University Center.

Hours of Operation for RTUC
Building Hours (during the academic year):
Monday - Friday 7am-12 Midnight
Saturday and Sundays 10am-12 Midnight

University Information Center:
Monday-Friday 8am-7pm
Saturday and Sundays 10am-7pm

Game Room:
Monday-Friday 12pm-10pm
Saturdays and Sundays  12pm-10pm

Game Room

The Game Room is located on the upper level of RTUC. The space is equipped with a PS3, Wii, Xbox 360 with Kinect and holds over 40 games to keep everyone entertained! The Game room also includes air hockey, a pool table, and we have over 300 movies you can check-out for free!

Become an RTUC Employee

At the Richards Treat University Center, we have over 30 student employment opportunities. This includes setting up spaces, assisting at the University Information Center, becoming a specialized intern, or being a Building Manager! For more information contact Z Paul Reynolds, Director of Student Development and the Richards Treat University Center at  If we have jobs available, they will be posted (and must be applied for) on the Career Services Website's Big Blue Jobs Application Center.

Scheduling and Special Events:

Looking to reserve a space on campus? Student Development is a place to reserve space whether it is in Richards Treat University Center or in any of our buildings. Additionally, we provide the opportunity for community members to use our space for special events such as conferences, weddings, meetings, and much more! Please click here to learn more.

Richards Treat University Center Vision,  Mission, and Values

Vision Statement

To act as a campus crossroads focused on student centered operations.

Mission Statement

Richards Treat University Center enhances the university mission by:

  • Promoting learning, social interaction, and recreation.
  • Developing on site student services.
  • Creating a welcoming environment for Millikin students, faculty, staff, alumni, and visitors through trained university staff.

Learning Outcomes Purpose

Learning outcomes provide the foundation for the goals and objectives of the program.  They don’t change the way we operate or train; rather they provide a framework in which we operate on a daily basis.  Reasons why having established learning outcomes are important are:
  • They provide us a way to “tell our story” to our students and other stakeholders of the Richards Treat University Center;
  • They allow us to meld theory with practice; academics with out-of-class experiences;
  • They allow us the opportunity to ensure the development of the “entire student;”
  • They bring us in line with industry standards and help us to comply with new standards set by the Council for the Advancement of Standards and the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools;
  • They encourage consistency across all departments;
  • They hold us, as full-time staff, responsible for learning and provide a mechanism for us to be deliberate in our practices;
  • They provide a rubric for interaction between full-time staff and our student employment population.
Student Development Theorist

For our purposes, we have chosen to model and base our student employment program on the work and theory of Arthur Chickering.  Chickering’s theory emphasizes that students are developmentally diverse, in that some students arrive on campus in the very beginning phase of development, while others have already developed a strong self-image.  His theory allows students the freedom, flexibility, and practicality of moving between and among the seven vectors of student development without necessarily developing in a simple linear fashion.

Vector I.  Developing Competence
  • Students will gain critical thinking skills through various job duties, responsibilities, and opportunities for employment in the Richards Treat University Center;
  • Students will learn how to successfully manage conflict, communicate effectively, and building purposeful and successful working and personal relationships within a diverse population.
Vector II. Managing Emotions – Students will learn and display skills associated with balancing feelings, the need to express them, and the perceptions given off when doing so.

Vector III. Moving Through Autonomy Toward Interdependence
Students will learn and display autonomous behavior while recognizing the benefit and necessity of teamwork;
Students will learn and display appropriate problem-solving techniques.

Vector IV. Developing Mature Interpersonal Relationships – Students will learn and display behaviors associated with the celebration of diversity and relationships characterized by openness, trust, and reciprocity.

Vector V. Establishing Identity – Student will learn and display behaviors that suggest successful integration between self and the RTUC identity.

Vector VI. Developing Purpose – Students will be exposed to decision-making opportunities that will assist in the development of skills related to goal setting and prioritization. This will be accomplished by allowing students the opportunity to investigate various interests, career options, and life-style preferences.

Vector VII. Developing Integrity – Students will be exposed to varying opinions and attitudes that will encourage self-evaluation of their own belief system. Students will be faced with increasingly complex and multi-step decision-making opportunities. These experiences will cause them to develop a personal code of values and seek congruence between beliefs and behaviors.

  • Efficiency and effectiveness;
  • Customer service;
  • Engagement Accountability and responsibility
  • Diversity and inclusion.
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