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Third Year
2013 Resident Assistants
Students in their third year should:
1. Develop in their ability to challenge processes; empower and encourage others; and model appropriate values.
2. Receive feedback from others regarding their abilities as a leader.
3. Engage and develop service learning opportunities.
4. Embrace difference and inclusion while seeking opportunities to address inconsistencies.
5. Achieve balance between education, work, and leisure time.

Activities & Events


Students can continue their exploration in leadership through applying for a Para-Professional role. Opportunities include First Year Experience Mentor, UNITY: Social Justice Advocate, Building Manager, and Resident Assistants.  Additionally, students will begin to take on more advanced roles by serving as a chair, coordinator, or mentor.

Service Learning

Students will have the opportunity to engage and/or plan additional service opportunities through communication from the Career Center.

Student Organizations

Students are encouraged to seek out at least one higher level leadership position within a student organization (i.e. Executive Board or Cabinet positions).  These positions should be sought through active participation in a student organization.

Tunnel of Oppression

Students have the opportunity to create awareness of current and past issues of oppression for the Millikin community in a creative and interactive environment.

Leadership Series

All third year students will have the opportunity to attend a leadership series that explores goal setting, value congruence, time management, meeting management, leadership styles, etc. Additionally, this is an opportunity to begin presenting to your peers information you have learned over the past two years.

Leadership Awards Ceremony Committee

Students will have the opportunity to serve in creating and implementing the annual Leadership Awards Ceremony.

Leadership Awards

Students will have the opportunity to apply for the third year student leadership award. This award recognizes the achievements and leadership potential of a third year male and third year female. The award is announced during the Leadership Awards Ceremony held the first Sunday in May.

Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges

Students selected for Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges have excelled as members of the Millikin University community to such a degree that they should be acknowledged as exceptional student leaders. Their contributions in leadership, service, campus activities and academic achievement set them apart from others as models to emulate for students at Millikin University.

Leadership Portfolio

Students will continue to keep a Leadership Portfolio. This will be built over the course of their time in the program and will serve as a reflective activity for students.

Off Campus Learning

Students should participate in an off campus learning experience such as study abroad, immersion, internship, etc.

Career Exploration

Students have an opportunity to set up a meeting with the Career Center to create and develop a resume.  Additionally, the Career Center provides career building programs for students to engage in how to be an successful employee.

Optional Activities

End of Semester and Year Events

These social events at the end of each semester will be planned to serve as an opportunity for all students to celebrate their accomplishments and be recognized for their outstanding commitment to their own leadership development. 

Other Activities

A variety of other leadership opportunities and activities will be offered by the Office of Inclusion and Student Engagement as well as other departments each year.

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Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL