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If you represent a student organization that would like to be a part of Spring Sibs Weekend 2014, please contact:

Molly Berry

Sibs Weekend is a time to show the teens and children in our lives what Millikin has to offer. Millikin would be nothing without our 90+ student organizations. To make Sibs Weekend really great, it is important that we have an excellent turnout from our students and organizations. Here are examples of ways to get involved:

Springfest is a carnival of sorts with activities from students organizations, inflatables, music and snacks. This is a place where an organization might put together a craft and a table display. If your organization loves to hold small-scale games and tournaments (i.e. Bags), this is your place to have fun with a new crowd. We would love to have any and all student organizations involved with this activity.

Host a Meal
We all know students love free meals, but students love free meals that much more when they can share with their little siblings. Hosting a breakfast or pizza party would be a great opportunity for your organization to reach out to students as well as the future Millikin prospectives.

Plan an Event
What a great time to host an event! You could have a Girls Night in your sorority house. Or you could do a campus-wide game of Capture the Flag. Maybe you want to hold a video game night in the classroom in Weck. Or maybe you want to tie-dye t-shirts in your parking lot. The sky is the limit! If you have a program planned for the weekend of April 8th, let us know! We would love to help you advertise for it.

More ideas? Contact Molly Berry at with questions, suggestions, comments and more!

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Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL