Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Events & Meetings

January - May

General Meetings & Roundtables (* = Roundtable discussion meetings)
Wednesdays at 7pm

     February 26 - Fireplace Room of LRTUC

     March 5* - Lindsey-Schaub Room of RTUC

     March 19 - Ebony Ball Nomination Meeting -  Fireplace Room of LRTUC

     April 16 - SH 303

     April 30* - Lindsey-Schaub Room of RTUC

     May 7 - End of the Year Meeting - Fireplace Room of LRTUC

BHM Movie Series (February 7th & February 28th at 7pm in SH 317) – The Black Student Union is hosting a two-part movie series for Black History Month. On Friday, February 7th we will show a movie, and on Friday, February 28th we will show the sequel to the first movie. We will have a BSU Concession Stand for the movies as well.

Cross-cultural Speed Dating (February 14th at 7pm in the Fireplace Room) - Speed Dating is an event where two people sit across from each other and learn as much as possible the other person with a short time frame. This event is Speed Dating with a twist. Arrive prepared to meet new people and enjoy a nice Valentine’s Day dinner.

Black Out Party (February 21st at 10pm in the SPEC) - BSU’s first party of the Spring semester is the Black Out! Come dressed in all black as we celebrate the memory of the sit-in held by For Soul Only. For more information, click here.

Neon Lights Party (March 28 at 10pm in LRTUC) The purpose of the Neon Lights Party is to bring together the campus community and the Decatur community, as well as many of the Central Illinois Black Student Unions and general students to form a connection and to bring even more diversity to a small yet “bright” campus.

Ebony Ball 2014 (April 26th at 8pm in LRTUC) The Ebony Ball is an up-scale event that we host annually to celebrate our members and students of color on campus. This celebration is used to promote positive leadership and campus involvement. Every year, we hold a nomination meeting to build up a ballot of campus-involved students to run for the positions of Mr. and Mrs. Ebony. Mr. and Mrs. Ebony are voted for and crowned at Ebony Ball as the new representatives for the Black Student Union for the following school year. There will be a dinner and ample time for dancing and socializing. This is a formal event for celebration and appreciation of our members as the school comes to a close.

Check back often for event updates!

FALL 2013
August - December

BSU Week (October 27th – November 1st)

     Game Night - The first day of BSU Week was Game Night. We played Spades, Monopoly, Twister, and some very intense rounds of Musical Chairs. Everyone enjoyed getting to know each other while enjoying good food and lots of fun.

     Petition Signing - For Day 2 of BSU Week, we invited the Millikin community to sign a petition to have accounts of modern-day slavery added to history textbooks.

     General Meeting - During this special BSU Week General Meeting, we discussed our culture, how it has changed and progressed, and how we interact with other cultures on our campus and throughout the world.

     “Rock The Mic” - This Open Mic Night event was very fun. Students and residents of the Decatur community came out to showcase their talents and some of them won prizes as a part of our performer raffle.

     Fashion Show & After Party - The Fashion Show and After Party were the finale of BSU Week. This year’s theme, “Back to the 90s” was a huge hit for the students who modeled and performed on stage, as well as for those attended.

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL