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Club sports will be those programs which seek to compete with club programs of other institutions of higher education, as well as other appropriate groups.  This competition is not considered “intercollegiate” in that these are not official varsity or junior varsity sport programs.  The competition must be approved by the Athletic Director before it occurs.  Club sport programs will be subject to all University rules and regulations and must be composed of students from Millikin University who meet academic requirements set by the Office of Inclusion and Student Engagement as well as the Athletics Department. 


Club sport programs must also meet the following criteria prior to their registration as a club sport student organization.


1.       Demonstration of fiscal responsibility for its operations, including a proposed budget to be approved by the Office of Inclusion and Student Engagement.  If any fundraising is necessary, the budget must include plans for such, and may require further approval from the Office of Inclusion and Student Engagement

2.       Identification of a qualified coach that is approved by the university’s Athletic Director.  Qualifications of a club sport coach will vary with the sport played.  Where there are specific technical or safety issues involved, the qualifications may require certification.  The nomination of a coach for a club will be evaluated for each sport.  The club sponsor and coach may be the same person

3.       Proposal for space and time for practice and competition.  Space and time are tight due to the intercollegiate program and outside rental groups.  Club teams should not expect to practice at a rate that mirrors a varsity sport.  Any on-campus competition or practice must be scheduled through the Athletic Department in conjunction with the Coordinator of Campus Scheduling.  Athletic Department equipment may only be used with permission of the Department

4.       All students who decide to participate in a club sport are to provide 1 copy of their health insurance that will be placed on file


The following considerations should also be noted:


1.       Club sport existence is not to be considered a step toward varsity status.  While this type of use of the club sport program may be used from time to time, it should not be an “automatic” expectation of a club program

2.       Club sport participants must represent Millikin University in a positive manner at all times.  Failure to do so may result in the removal of a participant from the club program and may jeopardize the continued existence of the club.  The sponsor and coach are expected to be role models in this area and to assist the University in this area

3.       Club sports will need to re-register each year in accordance with the registration policies set by the Office of Student Programs.  Facility and equipment needs should be submitted as soon as possible during the fall semester

4.       Club sport participation is to be considered a privilege and not a right.  Failure to meet academic standards, represent the University in an acceptable manner or deviation from the standards and procedures set forth may result in the loss of opportunity to participate

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