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The Millikin Microfinance Fund
The mission of the Millikin Microfinance Fund is:
  1. To bring positive social change to the Dominican Republic by using microfinance and business consulting to support women entrepreneurs in poor economic situations and
  2. To provide an international, educational opportunity for the Millikin community.

Through organizing both funds and business knowledge the MMF utilizes strategic partners to distribute these crucial business resources to less fortunate business owners in the Caribbean. The MMF is a unique vehicle for students to embody the Millikin mission. Through international experiences, business skill development, and heightened social consciousness students have the opportunity to develop into ethically-grounded global citizens.

MMF members meet every second and fourth Sunday at 2:00 pm in the HUB. The HUB is located at 1135 W. Wood Street, Suite 3.

Support the Fund
You can help the Millikin Microfinance Fund reduce poverty and help entrepreneurs in need with as little as one dollar. Supporters that donate $50.00 or more will become a "Friend of the Fund" and receive quarterly updates on the impact your money has on the lives of woman entrepreneurs in need.

Fund Members
Kyle Nicholson (Fund Manager)
Taylor Lowery (President Elect)
James Vavak (Vice President of Marketing)
Sasha Roberts (Vice President of Technology)
Louis Wetzel
(Leon) Liyang Yu

The Millikin Microfinance Fund is advised by Dr. Larry Stapleton.

 Need to Contact Us?

For questions regarding the Fund or how you can get involved in reducing poverty in the Caribbean please contact us at 217-853-3723 or at

You can also contact Kyle Nicholson at

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Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL