Why the United States of America (USA)? 
The USA hosts the most international students for many reasons: academic excellence, large variety of programs of study, use of newest technologies, research possibilities, work experience in your field of study, and the opporutnity to experience the American culture. Having a degree from an American university will certainly boost your career opportunities.

"Critical thinking is emphasized in the U.S. classroom. Students actually think and reflect, using their own vision of the world, rather than just reciting the material.” (From EducationUSA)

Millikin University is an active member of EducationUSA, a U.S. Department of State-supported network of hundreds of advising centers around the world. Through EducationUSA you will find a fantastic resource and can meet an advisor in your own country who will guide you and help you to apply at Millikin University.

Visit their website to find all the resources available to you.  www.educationusa.info


Why Illinois?


 "Illinois, the home of Abraham Lincoln, the great city of Chicago, and the beautiful Shawnee National Forest, offers students opportunities to experience the best of the U.S. culture while achieving their own higher education goals." StudyIllinois.com

Millikin is an active member of Study Illinois.  “Study Illinois is the non-profit Illinois International Education Consortium dedicated to welcoming international students to our state. International students who wish to study on a campus in the USA in a welcoming, diverse, and exciting environment and where education is paramount, choose Illinois. Students come to study anything from ancient civilizations to the most advanced technologies of the future, right here, in Illinois!”

Why Decatur?

Millikin University, located in Decatur, Illinois, is a classic Midwest USA small city, situated with homes and park areas, surrounding Lake Decatur, and with many historic brick buildings downtown. Decatur is also an easy hub to large cities. It is a 45-minute flight to Chicago and a 40-minute flight to Saint Louis, and a three-hour drive to Indianapolis.


Decatur is an easy choice because of its impressive quality of life. Studying at Millikin and living in Decatur means enjoying both: a great campus life, small city amenities and safe, dynamic and wonderful opportunities to travel everywhere in the U.S. easily.

In Decatur, fishing, watersports, sailing and recreational boating opportunities abound on Lake Decatur. You also can enjoy hiking, biking, cross-country skiing, sledding, ice skating, horseback riding, natural trails, birding, golf, and skateboarding in this friendly community.

Being an international student in Decatur, you will have many opportunities to interact with the local people. Many families in Decatur will be happy to host you and to tell you about their city.

Decatur is a college town with vast industrial and agricultural processing production.  Decatur has production facilities for Caterpillar, Mueller Co., and Tate & Lyle (previously A. E. Staley). The corporate world headquarters for Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), the leading agricultural processor and ethanol producer, is in Decatur.

Internships are an integral part of the Millikin educational experience; students in all fields have opportunities to intern in Decatur, nationally, and internationally.

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