Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Accommodations Provided

Accommodations are made to provide students with disabilities access to classroom information and expression of their knowledge. Accommodations do not compromise the essential requirements of a course.

Some students may not be admitted to or able to complete a program or degree when their disability cannot be accommodated in a manner that enables them to perform the required critical skills and meet the critical standards of the program. Prior to applying for or beginning a program of study, students should refer to the University Bulletin to review all requirements that are necessary for completion of the program. 

The learning accommodations generally provided through the Office of Student Success include:

  • Extended time for test taking
  • Reduced distraction environment for test taking
  • Text-to-audio services
  • Note taking assistance
  • Peer tutoring (available to all Millikin students)
  • Academic Resources on the Web (available to all Millikin students)
  • Course Substitution (policy
  • Service Animal Registry*
  • Travel Courses ** 

* Service Animal Registry
    Millikin University offers accommodations for students with a documented need for service animals.  Students requiring the use of a service animal MUST meet with the Director of Disability Services to discuss the policies, procedures, and regulations, and register their service animal the Office of Student Success. 

** Travel Courses 
To fully benefit from an international or domestic travel experience, students should be in good physical and mental health. All participating students must meet program/course requirements. Qualified students with disabilities requiring reasonable accommodation should submit a request for accommodation to the supervising faculty member or the Director of Disability Services, at the time of application for participation in the course/program. All students are responsible for securing health and travel insurance coverage for domestic and international travel.

For more information about accommodations, please contact Carrie Pierson, Director of Disability Services/ADA Coordinator, at 217-424-3999 or or in Library 14-B.

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL