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Travel Safety

Many household/residential crimes occur  when people are on vacations or are involved in outdoor activities. Travelers can also be easy targets.  Carrying luggage, a laptop or even a briefcase can make a person an easy target.  Being unfamiliar with your surroundings and the preoccupation of work or returning home causes distractions. 



  • Stop mail and newspaper deliveries or ask a neighbor to pick them up daily.
  • Put lights on an automatic timer, if you listen to the radio put it on an automatic timer also.
  • Have mowing schedules or snow removal schedules set up for the time you are gone
  • Leave a key with a trusted neighbor and tell them your departure and return dates.
  • Leave an emergency contact phone number with your neighbor so you can be reached.
  • Lock all windows and doors.  Be sure to double check your garage doors and your basement before you leave.
  • Have your car serviced and tires checked before your departure.
  • Prepare an emergency road kit in case your vehicle breaks down and take a first aid kit. 
  • Take a cell phone along.



  • Carry a minimum amount of cash.  When using travelers checks keep a record of the numbers and how many you have.
  • Guard against people looking inside your wallet.
  • Keep airplane tickets in an inside pocket, they are as good as cash.  Don't let them protrude from a bag or an outside pocket. 
  • If you are driving in a car make sure you plan your route. Travel on main roads and use maps. 
  • Never pick up hitchhikers
  • When leaving your car make sure it is locked and valuables are kept in the trunk.   Don't leave a purse, wallet or checkbook in the car, always take them with you. 
  • If possible disengage the remote trunk opener.
  • When walking, if you become lost, go into a business or find a Police Officer and ask for directions.
  • Try and travel during the day instead of the evening hours.



  • When staying in a hotel take all of your luggage out of the car and into the room. 
  • Keep your doors locked when inside the room and when you are away.
  • Always take cash, credit cards and your keys with you.
  • Inventory your belongings daily
  • Plan an emergency route out of your room and find the location of the fire extinguishers.
  • Be aware of any suspicious activities in the corridors or rooms. 



  • Try not to take subways or buses at non-peak hours.
  • Make sure you know your route and take a taxi late at night.
  • If you have friends in the area call and ask for a ride.


  • Turn over your valuables if you are held up.
  • Never argue or resist and give them what they want.
  • If the offender asks for your wallet, throw it in their direction, but off center.  This could give you a chance to escape.
  • Contact the Police.


Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL