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Environmental Studies

Millikin is a great place to study the environment.

The Environmental Studies minor is an interdisciplinary minor designed to improve your knowledge of the relationship between humans and the natural world.

Description of Minor Requirements | Career and Internship Opportunities | Local Environmental Organizations

Description of Minor Requirements

Students wishing to complete this minor must have their programs approved by their advisor and the Environmental Studies Minor Coordinator.

A minimum of 21 credit hours is required, with at least 9 credits earned in courses numbered 300 or above.


Category 1: The following courses provide, as a primary emphasis, an exploration of environmental studies with an emphasis on the natural world, the environmental problems it faces and solutions to these problems. A minimum of two courses is required.

  • Pay It Forward (4) BI102
  • Environmental Biology (4) BI130
  • Conservation Biology (4) BI340
  • Environmental Advocacy (3) CO306
  • Environmental Documentary (3) CO306
  • Health and Pollution (3) ES321/IN251
  • US Structural Studies: Creating a Green Society in the U.S. (3) IN251
  • Global Issues: Global Environmentalism (3) IN350
  • Environmental Ethics (3) PH219/IN251
  • Environmental Sociology (3) SO360/IN350 

Category 2
: The following courses provide essential skill sets necessary to successfully act on knowledge gained in the Category 1 courses. Five courses are required.

  • Any additional Category 1 course
  • Elemental Geosystems (3) CH106
  • Ecological Journeys (4) BI280 or BI380 for biology majors
  • Small Group Communication (3) CO310
  • Communication and Conflict (3) CO343
  • Principles of Economics (3) EC120
  • Foundations of Entrepreneurship (3) ET 340
  • Business and Professional Writing (3) EN210
  • Ethical Theory and Moral Issues (3) PH211
  • Scientific Revolutions:  History and Philosophy of Science (3) PH223/IN251
  • The American Political System (3) PO105
  • Introduction to International Relations (3) PO221
  • Sociology of Globalization (3) SO365/IN350
  • Internship (1-4)

Career and Internship Opportunities

*Air and Waste Management Association: Lake Michigan StatesThis website is for a professional society of those working and studying in the environmental fields.

*Associated Colleges of Illinois Conservation Careers Internships

*Chicago Center For Urban Life and Culture:  This list contains internship opportunities through many local organizations.

*CIEE (Council on International Educational Exchange) Environmental Sciences and Sustainability Program:  This study abroad program provides opportunities to explore the complexities and opportunities surrounding sustainability and the environment.

*Environmental Studies-UC Santa Barbara:  This website has a list of Environmental Professional Associations.

*Governor's (Illinois) Environmental Corps:  Check for updates to the website. 

*Green Career Resources at This website has many resources for green jobs and sustainability careers.

*Illinois EPA Pollution Prevention Internship Programs:  Check for updates to the website.

*Scovill Zoo in Decatur:  This website has information about volunteer opportunities at the zoo. 

*Small Planet Institute Internships:  "We help citizens choose rewarding ways to focus their energies by finding entry points that interrupt and reverse the negative pattern of powerlessness and despair; and then generate a new, more life-serving spiral of hope in action."

*UIUC School of Earth, Society and Environment Internship List: This list contains links to many internship opportunities.

*Washington Semester Program in International Environment and DevelopmentThis program will expand your understanding of environment and development issues and enable you to explore exciting new places.

*Zoo and Aquarium Post-Baccalaureate Program at Western Illinois UniversityThis certificate program, which has a partnership with the Shedd Aquarium, offers detailed knowledge about special groups of animals often held in captivity and the job skills needed to work for a zoo/aquarium or similar occupation. 

Local Environmental Resources and Organizations

*Agricultural Watershed Institute
Decatur, IL
"AWI's mission is to conduct research and educational programs on practices and policies to improve water quality; maintain or restore ecosystem health; and conserve and manage land and water resources in agricultural watersheds." 

*The Carbon Capture Report
Champaign, IL
"The Carbon Capture Report is a free and open service of the University of Illinois devoted to being the preeminent global resource for tracking worldwide perception and developments in Climate Change, Carbon Capture, Carbon Credits, Alternative Energy, Renewable Energy, Green Energy, Biofuels, Geothermal, Hydroelectric, Natural Gas, Nuclear, Solar, Wind, Coal, and Oil. With subscribers in more than 100 countries the Report has become the go-to resource for daily insight into the global media discourse."

National Organization
"Counterspill promotes awareness about the impact of non-renewable energy disasters through a living archive that combines best-in-class reporting, research, social media, and community engagement."

*Decatur is Growing Gardeners (DIGG)
Decatur, IL
"Our purpose is to create employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for low-income residents through growing vegetables and fruits sustainably."

*Environmental Education Association of Illinois
Urbana, IL
"The Mission of the Environmental Education of Illinois (EEAI) has been to maintain a vital network that supports and advances quality environmental education throughout the state. Since inception, EEAI has provided leadership at the local, state and national level within the environmental education community by providing and supporting professional development services to the formal and non-formal educator."

*The I.D.E.A. Store: Central Illinois' Premiere Edu-Eco-Art Creative Re-use Marketplace
Champaign, IL
"At The I.D.E.A. Store, we’re passionate about finding fun, functional and creative reuse for the materials we often take for granted.  With a massive and ever-changing inventory of donated materials, projects of all sizes have never been as easy or Earth-friendly.  We’re a store, a community, a donation center – we are a marketplace of items and ideas!"

*The Illinois Raptor Center
Decatur, IL
"The Purpose of  the Illinois Raptor Center  is  the rehabilitation of orphaned and injured wildlife for their return to the wild; the extension of wildlife and environmental education; to protect threatened and endangered species through education and rehabilitation; to promote humane and responsible treatment of animals; all within the guidelines of local, state and federal laws and regulations."

*Prairie Rivers Network
Champaign, IL
"Prairie Rivers Network is Illinois’ statewide leader in river protection, conservation, and restoration. Prairie Rivers Network strives to protect the rivers and streams of Illinois and to promote the lasting health and beauty of watershed communities. By providing information, sound science, and hands-on assistance, Prairie Rivers Network helps individuals and community groups become effective river conservation leaders."

*Rock Springs Conservation Area & Nature Center
Decatur, IL
"Rock Springs Center is the largest park in the Macon County Conservation District properties with a total of 1,343 acres in the southwest area of Decatur, IL. The Sangamon River runs through Rock Springs and several small ponds dot the landscape. A wide range of terrain including forest, wetland, grassland, and restored Illinois prairie make Rock Springs a destination for nature lovers. Rock Springs is also home to a large nature center, a museum, a restored farmhouse, nearly nine miles of hiking trails, and a paved bike trail. Rock Springs is a favorite for families all year round. Rooms and pavilions are available for rent for meetings and events."

*Sustainable Student Farm at the University of Illinois.
Urbana-Champaign, IL
"The farm serves as a production farm to supply our residence halls with locally grown, low-input sustainable food. In addition, the farm acts as a living laboratory to connect students, community members, and the state at large with regional, small-scale food systems. We plan to broaden our focus to include the research, education, and outreach missions of the university."

If you have any questions, please call the Environmental Studies Minor Coordinator, Roslyn OConner at 217-424-6240 or email us.






















Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL