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Biology Honors
Biology students who qualify may choose to participate in a number of honors activities, including honor societies and the Millikin Honors Program. These opportunities allow gifted, motivated students to explore distinct approaches to learning through honors courses, special seminars, independent study and more.

Honor societies within the biology department recognize outstanding scholastic achievements and encourage advanced learning. Review the Student Life page to find out more about Alpha Epsilon Delta, the Pre-Medical Honor Society advised by Dr. Cynthia Handler, Beta Beta Beta, the National Biological Honor Society advised by Dr. Jeff Hughes and Dr. Travis Wilcoxen and Sigma Zeta, the National Science and Mathematics Honor Society advised by Dr. Anne Rammelsberg. 

Biology Minor

Students may obtain a minor in biology by completing a minimum of 21 credits in biology. These credits must include the core sequence (Biology 105/155, 108/158, 300, and 305/355) and two courses from Biology Content Categories.

Biology 102, Topics in Biology; Biology 125, Local Flora; Biology 130, Environmental Biology; and Biology 220/320, Field Ecology, do not count toward a biology minor.

Students wishing to complete a minor in biology should have their programs approved by the Chair of the Biology Department.

Environmental Studies Minor

This is an interdisciplinary minor.  A student does not have to be a biology major to obtain this minor. 

The minor will promote informed democratic citizenship in a global environment by enhancing one's knowledge of the relationship between humans and the natural world.  Click here for more information about the minor.

Biology Major
Biology majors may obtain either a B.A. or a B.S. degree by completing 36 to 48 biology credits in one of three tracks in the biology program.

Students interested in medicine (pre-medicine, pre-dentistry, pre-veterinary medicine, pre-optometry, and pre-physician assistant) or graduate programs may follow either the Traditional Track or the Molecular/Cell Biology Track, depending on their specific interests.

Students interested in physical or occupational therapy (pre-PT, pre-OT), pre-chiropractic, or medical technology (pre-MT) should follow the Allied Health Track. 

Students interested in environmental biology, secondary education or general biology should follow the Traditional Track.

Program specifics should be discussed with your advisor. See the specific links below for details and suggested course sequences for various areas of interest within the three biology major tracks. 

Traditional Track:              
General Biology                    
Environmental Biology           
Secondary Education
Pre-Professional (pre-dentistry, pre-veterinary medicine, or pre-optometry, pre-physician assistant)

Allied Health Track:  
Pre-Physical/Occupational Therapy and Pre-Chiropractic         
Pre-Medical Technology

Molecular/Cell Biology Track:
Molecular/Cell Biology

Biology Courses:
Biology course descriptions can be accessed here.
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