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Welcome Current Communication Students!  Continue checking this page in order to get up-to-date information on announcements from the department or internship opportunities!

Current Communication Internship Opportunities

Gibbs & Soell Internship

Located in Chicago, Illinois; Gibbs& Soell is accepting applications for a summer intern position. This is a paid position. For more information about how to apply click here!

Decatur Memorial Hospital Project Intern

DMH is looking for a project intern to assist the management team to develop and manage MS project for large-scale multi-million dollar projects. The position starts immediately and will last for about six months. For more information about how to apply click here!

Casey Lawson, a senior Communication student, had her experience at DPS as a student intern in the Herald-Review.

Patrick Jordan, Senior Communication Major:

 Patrick, along with multiple Millikin students, studied abroad during the Fall.
In my four years at Millikin University, the Communication Department has given me several opportunities for personal and educational growth. Millikin University’s Communication Department has instilled the notion of ethical and theoretical thinking with a versatility to take on any task given. Each professor shows such zeal for teaching while also keeping students engaged. I had the utmost pleasure of studying abroad in London in Autumn 2013. Studying in one of the most fashion-central capitols in the world opened my perspective to new and engaging elements of public relations and fashion.

John Easter, Senior Communication Major:

Interning for the Decatur Economic Development Corporation was a challenging experience that allowed me to develop and apply my communication skills in a professional setting.  My main responsibilities included creating press releases for local businesses, writing articles promoting the Decatur area, and gathering economic statistics for Macon County.  My completed projects would either be published on the EDC website or used as content for the monthly newsletter.  I learned how to effectively present my information by formatting and editing each message specifically for my intended audience.  The unique skills I developed at the EDC have been an excellent complement to the tools Millikin University has provided me with.  I feel blessed to have been able to gain valuable work experience and help the city of Decatur through this internship.

Michelle Rose Micor, May 2013 Graduate:

       "I graduated in May 2013 with a communication degree with an emphasis in Public Relations. The Communication department prepared me for my future in PR. I started working for Fishman Public Relations in November 2013. Fishman is a Public Relations and Marketing firm in Northbrook, IL that specializes in franchise development. I currently work on a few accounts and help to bring in as much national and local publicity as possible. As their publicist I create business and consumer pitches to bring to local and national reporters and TV producers. As a result of my pitching efforts, I’ve had clients featured on CNN.com, the NBC News Network, local news affiliate stations and local newspapers.  
       A lot of what I do is focused on writing and fostering relationships with reporters and producers. Networking is so vital in this industry. However, I do spend a lot of time writing and researching more than I thought I would be, but it’s honestly great experience. A project I currently am working on is an article for a national magazine to feature one of my clients. Every work day is different. There are days I’m locked in the conference room brainstorming with my team, days where I’m writing, or pitching. The best days are the ones spent speaking to my clients and hearing their feedback and what they want to see from us specifically. It’s a very rewarding experience when you’re able to secure a TV segment or an interview for your client and you see how thrilled they are!"  


Jake Ray, May 2012 Graduate: 

I graduated from Millikin in 2012 with a degree in Communication – Mass Media. Currently I am working as a radio host and Production Director for the Cromwell Radio Group in Effingham, IL where I oversee the production for 95.7 WCRC, 98.9 ESPN, 105.5 JackFM, and 1090am/100.5fm WCRA. My actual radio show [Jake’s Country Jam Session] is on WCRC (All American True Country) weekdays from 3pm-7pm. Our station is 50,000watts and can be heard all throughout Central, Eastern and Southern Illinois. I am also a contributor to a daily ESPN sports podcast and an occasional play-by-play broadcaster. Millikin really helped prepare me for my career due to the hands-on radio education from WJMU.

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL